• I was part of the decision to pull the plug on my sister and I made the decision for my mother. The human body can be kept going for almost eons but the sould needs to be left to its journey and we do not need to keep our loved on a machine so we can feel better. Mr Bill
  • Life support. That's a prolonged pain and a constant reminder, and it's unfair to the person being forced to live when their body has given up.
  • That sooooooo seriously depends on circumstances. I need to know they can be saved before I make a choice like that. I would need to know what kind of medication they have had (some types of medicine can have side effects that make the person appear braindead when they really aren't). And I would wanna know if they CAN be saved how long it might take for them to come out of it. Well actually that one might not matter so much. I guess, in short, it would be more painful to pull the plug at first and then if a long period of time goes by (years) it would get to the point where seeing them on the support would be painful. After like 20 years or something on a machine they can still wake up. It has happened before. But by that time what is left you know?? Making up for lost time I suppose. But I think you understand me. So ya. Pulling the plug would be hard if they are saveable but it would get hard to see them after a while. If they can't be saved or they're braindead it would still be hard to pull the plug but at least I would know that it wouldn't be a choice cos they'd be gone already. Wow.... I just reread that..... that topic is a little more difficult for me than I thought it would be.
  • As long as the person is breathing, the loved one has hope. At least in the beginning.
  • I agree with Shammer
  • I could never pull the plug. It would be too difficult for me.
  • I wouldn't want to pull the plug but it would be painful to see them on life support day after day.
  • hello,omg,thats a touchy subject,i wouldnt know how to answer that one if you loved this person and knowing he/she was terminally ill and understand that this person would not be the same if allowed to live,and pulling the plug would make you feel like yove don something really bad by letting them pull the plug.i really cant explain it any better that the way i just did.
  • Long term life support and all the miseries that this creates would be worse. Life support doesn't suspend them cozy and asleep. Misery can still be a part of their everyday existence. It isn't pretty and it isn't painless to have your skin erode from bedsores. Or to never receive nutrition other than by feeding tube or i.v. and so feel hunger pains. Or to have your body contort with painful spasms and contractions. If they are gone except for the machine, I'd let them go.
  • They made me promise to pull the plug, because they knew out of all of us, I would carry out their wishes, and if or when that time comes that is exactly what I'm gonna do.
  • Been there , pull the plug.
  • I think it would be more painful to "pull the plug". I can still see the person, I can still have hope. Thats my first response. I'm selfish. But at some point the reality of the situation has to be acknowledged. What's best for my love one. Such a hard question to answer.
  • OH GOSH! You are scaring me! I would have to say "pull the plug" but then again what if there is a chance. I don't know what I would do. Oh man I can't even think about it anymore.
  • I have no idea what would be more painful. I hope and pray that I never have to make this choice.
  • pull the plug
  • To pull the plug, because then there would be no hope I'd ever see them alive again.
  • To pull the plug, i think seeing my loved one on life support would be hard yeah i mean thats how it was with my mom but as long as the person is alive there is hope that he/she might wake up.
  • Painful or not, the individual's wishes would be the decision I would respect. If those wishes were unknown, I believe that in most cases pulling the plug would be easier for me to do. I believe in letting go when the circumstances call for it.

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