• Does it just blow cold air or not blow at all comment and i'll answer buddy ill be on here for a while
  • run the engine and keep topping the fluid off or take the upper radiator hose off at the neck of the thermostat and fill the hose with water and slap it back on the engine and are you sure the thermostat isnt stuck open did you try to let the engine run for a long time until it warms up or does it warm up and u still get no heat and stupid question and i cant remember those water pumps on the blazers (i had an S-10) did you put the water pump on the wrong way you know like the wrong ports are on the opposite side. you cant have any air in the system or it wont work try renting a coolant pressure tester from autozone and pressurize the system to push all air pockets to the top of the system then top it off you just have to make sure that the fluid is completely full and keep running the engine let it cool and check the level again and again. check that thermostat what i do with mine before i put them in is boil them to see if they work most of the time they work but too often they dont so check it out and let me know

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