• geeze just because he will take a glimpse at her doesnt mean he is going to jump in the sack with her. Do you look at the floor everywhere you are walking? If you see a guy that is "cute" are you going to jump him? no.
  • i use to be that way but being jealous will only drive him away.. u have to see it as , so what if he looks hes goin home with me... guys will look.. theyre heads r built on swivels... lol it made it easier for me to find the hot girls and point them out and say shes cute before he noticed her first...
  • I used to get jealous and I hated the feeling. I finally reasnoned it out and haven't really been jealous since. I am not in control of my partners actions and wouldn't want to be. If my partner is going to cheat they will cheat for whatever reason. I can only control my actions and responses. I choose not to be with someone that cheats period. If I cheated on my partner, I wouldn't expect her to put up with it either. Other people stay and that is their choice. Anyway, it works for me.

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