• Yes. I collect pictures of plants and animals and there is one picture that I like very much--a nice, round, dark, red picture of a beautiful rose. Though its just a picture, I love that so much(Thanks to the photographer!)... I have kept it very safe that I want to give it to my wife(in future!!)...!!!
  • I collect crystal and porcelain and my "crown jewel" is a Lladro light house which was the very first Lladro my husband gifted to me. I have more eye catching pieces but this one is very special coz of what my husband said to me when he gave it."A lighthouse for my beacon."
  • Yes. : ))
  • My mom collected Depression glass. I inherited a lot of nice pieces. I like the pink Cherry Blossom pattern butter dish. I understand to find one in mint condition with the cover is quite valuable.
  • Yes, I have a Chinese tea set (from China) that my boyfriend purchased for me - I collect tea sets and this is not only special because of sentimental value but it's absolutely beautiful, so delicate!
  • I collect a lot of things. I love my half dollar my great grampa gave me before he died. He was a coin collector and he was one of the major influences that got me into coins. It's worth like $5 on the market but I would never sell it for a billion dollars. It's all I have of him. I do collect other things besides coins but that item was one of the things that came to mind.

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