• What do you mean by "strength"? do you mean how many employees or what is it that our employees do that is our trademark. To answer both, 1) There are 250 people that work at my facility. We are a full service psych hospital dealing with accute care residential and rehabilitation with psychiatrists and psychologists here through the days for councelling session with outpatients. 2) Our strength is our training. We spend 3 months doing training before we go on the floor and it is encouraged to have a degree in the field before starting. If you don't have one, they pay for us to go to college to get one. Everyone that works here is well trained and educated.
  • I saw your comment on the first answer, so now I know what you're talking about when you said "strength." I started a new job last week. I think I'm the latest addition to their company, and I'm employee number 12. So, our company has a strength of 12. It's just a start-up company, and this economic crisis is making me nervous.
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