• no, but any hair dye isn't good for your will prolly make it rough.
  • yes its very strong ha!
  • Black dye will not break off your hair, the texture my change, thinner or thicker. I color my hair black and it looks like it has a ton of volume, mind you my hair is thin. Black dye isn't stripping your hair like lighter colors do, it is actually depositing colors. If your hair is breaking, I'd not blame the hair color more or less the way your taking care of your hair. Find a regimen and stick to it, go to the beauty parlor and see what they suggest.
  • If you are using a permanent dye then it will cause some damage to the hair although if your hair is healthy just now and you follow the instructions the damage should be minimal. If you are using a vegetable hair dye then these actually condition the hair so wont cause any damage to the hair shaft. More about vegetable hair dyes: photos of black dyes hair:

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