• In my latest previous job, none. In my current job, none also, so far. But I've been there for less than a week, so I could not yet confidently say that there's no gender division at my workplace.
  • no, just the 1: male and female - as far as i know that's the only gender division anywhere. And don't go into the whole GLBT, because they're either male or female, depending on how they want to be classified.
  • Yes, I'm glad that someone asked this question so that I can finally blow the whistle on this atrocity. It happens everyday and I complain, but my complaints always fall on deaf ears. The division or the better word is segregation happens in the bathrooms. Women are people too and we need to stop making them use the women only bathrooms. I thought that we fixed this with the civil right act of 64? Looks like we have a lot of work yet to do. Next thing you know we'll make them drink out of separate drinking fountains.
  • Yes. We have male, female and undecided;)

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