• It's a drumming pattern (as far as I know) If 1 is a left beat, and 2 is a right beat, it would look like this: 1211212212112122 :)
  • No don't know what it is. But my Dad use to call little kid's that.
  • hahah omg if it's what i looked up, no i never played it! 1. Perdiddle (1) A car with one headlight out. (2) A driving game that involves pointing out cars with a single headlight in order to get girls in the car naked. Rules vary car to car. "Perdiddle!" "Hey, let's play perdiddle and get The Bagel naked!" by Akusai Nov 20, 2003 share this add comment 2. Perdiddle When you are driving down the road and you see a car with one headlight out kiss your had and hit the roof and say " PERDIDDLE!" and its a sex credit ;) after ten...collect! also there is this link
  • no, no, not applicable
  • When I was a junior in high school I was dating a lovely girl that I was afraid to kiss. She obviously had different ideas because one evening, as I was calmly driving down the street, she said "Perdiddle" and slapped me. I asked "What the hell was that for?" She explained, boys get slapped, girls get kissed. I got the message before I got into an accident...and of course, we soon stopped playing the game, but not the kissing. That was the first, and only time I ever had the experience, but I told my son and daughter about it.
  • Perdiddle!! That's what it was called. I kept thinking about that after the "Have you ever driven naked question." Whoever called out perdiddle first after seeing a car with one headlight, the other team would take it off.
  • Why, YES I do! My first girlfriend introduced it when we were dating as a kissing game. The person who calls perdiddle (sees a car with one headlight out before the other person) gets a kiss. We made up various rules about double perdiddles (both headlights) as well. My wife never heard of it until I told her. When she and I were dating, she called the game "popeye". But it is purely a scoring game with her: whomever gets the highest number of popeyes wins. I like perdiddle better!

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