• Anything is possible.
  • yes but you still have to take care o=it doesn`t happen
  • yes ... but only when there is complete trust and faith in all things.
  • yep. I let myself love knowing odds were it would not work out.I was so happy to be capable of feeling love again I had no fear of it failing... never had much fear about it before I lost emotion anyway
  • Yes my friend it is possible if people would only take their time and build a relationship, instead of jumping in not knowing a thing about each other only to find out a year later they have different and clashing goals.
  • No more than you could experience a powerful storm without the fear of loss and hurt. But both carry something much more than that, the promise of something new and wonderful to grow from the experience itself.
  • Yep , with trust / faith and some patience . It helps :)
  • Love would not be so beautiful if it wasn't for the risk of getting hurt..
  • Yes, but it takes time. Initially that fear is going to be there even with Mr./Ms. right. But the stronger you build your relationship, the deeper your love grows, and the more the fear fades. Let yourself live in the emotional moment. Don't look back to old wounds, or borrow worries from future fears. You'll not only be happier for it, but bring that happiness to the relationship and see it multiply.
  • I don't think I can.. I am always worried about lossing THEN I would be worried about being hurt..
  • No I think it comes with the territory. Nothing in life is free, and love is not excluded. I guess there are drawbacks to everything...That or I'm just really pessimistic lol
  • Certainly. That is the hallmark of true love. You put your loved one first..including removing yourself from the equation of that love is not returned. Yearning, despair, sadness..that comes from ego, self, and not loving someone truly, really, and without self-interest. Just my opinion of course! :) ((hugs))
  • As far as trusting the person you're in love with, yes. But I don't think you can have love without the fear of loss. I don't think you can have one without the other. It's like love and hate. They are interconnected. If you didn't love someone you wouldn't care enough to fear if they were going to leave.
  • Yes, it is because I've experienced it.
  • I think we have to experience hurt and fear. Since u love someone u should to afraid of losing him. hmm.... just my opinion
  • I think there will always be a little fear in any healthy endeavor, but that is what courage is for. You do it anyway! And it is beautiful! And apply faith.... Faith without works is dead. (I have to remember that sometimes) Happy Friday, Jay! ;))
  • Love a dead person!
  • it is possible if you are completely secure in your relationship. Marriages used to be like that.
  • Yes. It's called a one night stand.
  • I believe that only those who have not yet experienced the difficulties of life and the hardships of relationships can experience love without the fear of loss and hurt. (So very few of those.) It comes hand in hand; love and the fear of loss and hurt- Because when there is a feeling as strong and as powerfully affecting as love, it's hard not to fear that you might loose it, that is might slip through your fingers. All you can really do is have faith and trust. I do, but at the same time, I do fear the loss. Life shows us, indirectly and directly, that there is a possibility to loose and be in pain from love. I'll admit first hand that I'm in pain whenever I'm not with the guy I love. I miss him, I yearn for him. And I love him so much that I fear loosing him. Love is so wonderful, so perfect, that it automatically spreads doubt because most of us experience the difficulty of life.. "Can this really be happening to me?" "How long will this last?" - This doubt occurs especially with people who have experienced loss and hurt.
  • technically it would be possible but very rare. the scenario i imagine is two people who meet very young and both fall in love for the first time simultaneously. its a long shot but it could work. but for the rest of us there is always a degree of caution in love.

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