• Thanking someone for causing hurt is not something i will ever do.
  • Thank them for giving me the strength to leave their dumbass.
  • My previous fiance, who died, and I would thank him for loving me and showing me what love was and that I was lovable.
  • I would thank my ex for leaving because if she hadn't I would be living in hell as we speak.
  • wow...i have several people to thank in that case... but ill just name 2.. my husband -he has cheated, hit and emotionaly abused me so much. i thank him for showing me that im stronger without him the love of my life- he doesnt mean to hurt me but all the love hurts too much since i cant be with him
  • My mother and father and law....."THanks guys, for trying to take the kids away when your son (my husband was in a four month coma in 2000) it was a bonus to have the doctors hear first hand from ya'll how insane I am for treating him like he's not. Squeeze me while I continue to rub his feet , so when he DOES wake up, he can walk, wouldn't want to desterb the funeral arrangements your making for him. ;+
  • I would thank my mother. She was a very toxic person and made my life a living hell. I would thank her because it made me a better person. I never treated my son the way she treated me, and I am a much happier person. My life is good and I don't have all the baggage she carried around with her from her past.
  • My old roommate, she taught me to appreciate my real friends even more.
  • I thank them all. They all taught me something I needed to learn. Thank you, you Bastards!!
  • Why would I do that? :)
  • I would like to thank a certain person who made me take a break from ABing :)
  • I would definately thank my Mother. I made a concsious decision two years ago that if I had children , I would "break the cycle" of emotional abuse. That is what wounded me the most, and I would never do that to my daughter, my Angel- whom I believe was sent to rescue me. That's what forgiveness is about. Learn from it, grow stronger as a person, hurt, heal, mourn, get over it, don't pass it on- break the cycle of the toxicity. Great question, Jay ;))

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