• static electricity on the carpet has always been a good joke. wear socks and scoot across the carpet and touch yur sister on the nose with your finger. you might see an electric jolt and inch long between your finger and her nose.
  • Short-sheeting a bed is always harmless and "all in fun".
  • I rang my friend once on his landline and as soon as he said Hello.. I said in the operators voice 'the number you have dialled has not been recogised, please check and try again'... he put the phone straight down and then realised HE hadnt even rang out and that he had been rung. I also told a friend once that there was a 'leak' under the sink, he came round tools in hand etc and then when he went to look under the sink, there was a 'leak'...... the vegetable variety! ;) good luck
  • The best one that my kids did to me on April Fools day was the rubber band around the handle of the sprayer in the sink....made sure it was facing right where I would be standing....
  • poop in their shoes
  • OK here's one for you. Take a water balloon and fill it with water, but don't tie it off, instead put it on the top shelf of the fridge. Then pull the opening of the balloon outside the fridge and shut the door. The air tight seal of the fridge will keep the water from going anywhere until the door is opened. And who ever is next to open the fridge gets a cold water bath. Another good one is with a large bag of plain M&Ms. DONT USE PEANUT!(It's a pain to clean out the sink drain) Then take everything out of the medicine cabinet, put a piece of cardboard over the opening except the very top, and poor in the M&Ms. Close the door and then gently slide out the cardboard. And bam booby trapped medicine cabinet. SIDE NOTE*** If you have a second Medicine cabinet you can set them both up, and after one is sprung, convince the victim to do the same to the other cabinet, for revenge and get them twice with the same prank. I have more if you want but those are the least "offensive."
  • My dad just tried to pull a prank on me by putting cling wrap across the toilet itself (not the lids). You have to make sure it is really smooth and the rest of the wrap on the side isn't showing noticably. Put the lid back down and just wait for someone to use the bathroom. It works better to pull it on females. Luckily I saw this just in time before I went.

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