• If you find a picture, you could get a good seamstress to duplicate the outfit. Wait. Here are some. And, apparently on e-bay, there are some in their original clothing, but they're gonna cost ya a few ben franklins.
  • omg..I had her...the homliest lil thing...but I don't have her anymore, nor know anything more about her..sorry.
  • There is at least one for sale right now on under the vintage dolls category. Appears to be all original. I am beginning to shop there alot for vintage dolls and their accessories. I think I am buying them just about as fast as they can list them as they are a newer site I think and not everyone has found them yet. If I wanted a Little Miss No Name Doll I would have had to keep it this site to myself LOL
  • Are you willing to sell the doll, "Little Miss No Name?" If not, you can find clothes for her on ebay.
  • I have her, original all cloths and hair...make me an offer
  • eBay has them

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