• No, but I see that some cowardly troll saw fit to take three away from you for posting this question. ;-)
  • naw im pretty liberal with points. lol!
  • Sometimes
  • not if it's a good question / answer. only once on a blue moon will I dr.
  • Yes, I do with anonymous users Rude and obnoxious users Users who are only here for points
  • No, if I like the question (like this one) or an answer it gets points right now. If I don't like a question or answer I just quietly move along to the next one. ;-)
  • nah. no skin off my back for giving points to deserving people who give/ask good, intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and/or honest answers/questions. i like patting people on the back. but the shan giveth and the shan taketh away. if youre nasty or a complete umdum, i do the opposite.
  • None for the Rude and obnoxious users
  • No, I haven an unlimited amount to give. No hesitation needed.
  • If an answer is just some bored individual making up silly answers to amuse themselves then I won't give them points. To me, that is just another way to spam the site. Or of a user is asking a bunch of useless questions just for points, I am not generous either.
  • Hmmm, doesn't happen that often. Maybe sometimes, when the opinion of a user differs greatly from mine. I'll end up giving points anyway if their case is strong enough and has intelligence or substance to back those words up.
  • No, If I'm answering a question I will give points. And if someone answers my questions I also will give them points.
  • no i give points to everyone, unless their abusive in any way.:)
  • Not at all, if someone is rude though I don't use my pointer power & up them. I have that power in the palm of my hands,lol. And BTW up ya go 6 more
  • I always give points to answers that I get and answers that someone gives me. I can only think of one time that I didn't give points because the answer was abusive and profane. I also give points across the board.
  • Hesitate? Never. Those are just points, I don't lose something each time I give them.
  • Hesitate? No... I may forget from time-to-time, and when I answer questions I usually do too (giving points when brought back to the question by comment or rating). And sometimes, depending on how a question is worded (put-downs, nasty, etc.) I simply won't rate it. (I normally don't care about opinions, and WILL uprate them.) I tend to uprate EVERY question I answer (see above), and I DO uprate EVERY answer anyone gives to my questions, along with at least a thanks for answering. But I don't recall more than once or twice that I have not given the full amount capable of my level. And I DO NOT downrate at all.
  • Nope. However, sometimes I will deliberately NOT award points. This is for questions I find offensive, rude, violent, or just plain nonsense.
  • Never.

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