• downtown --too many hotdogs
  • The South Side, of course.
  • Id have to say the outskirts, Chicago has really cleaned up the inner city, not that it is perfect, far from it, but seems like most of worst has moved to the outskirts.
  • Bad sections of the City are Cabrini Green projects, Austin area, South State Stree too many project housing units, and any big events that take place in Grant park can be scary, almost was shot this past 4th of July when I went down there to see fireworks.
  • West Side, K Town down Roosevelt west of Ashland =) Don't drive down it without good tires... =)
  • the worst part of chicago is it aging housing. housing needs updated. like most old northern big cities. housing is overpriced also. Schools are overcrowed and underfunded. West side of chicago is to me the worst part of chicago.
  • 9-26-2017 My wife's grandfather lived in Chicago and every time we went there we got scrapes on the fenders.

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