• I think that would be a terrific idea. A child should have some knowledge of their heritage.
  • To be honest i think that would just confuse the child you should wait until there comfortable with there new surroundings and then tell them about there heritage but if they being brought from another country i would say it's more important for them to integrate into the culture they've been brought in to then to learn about the one they were taken from.
  • I am not big on the whole heritage, culture thing. I think it is more important that the child is loved and is capable of fitting into the society in which it is living. If the child wants to find out about its heritage when it is a little older then I would help it do so.
  • Sounds like a great idea. We toyed with the idea of adopting an Indonesian child when we were younger, but I already speak fluent Indonesian, so the child would have known its birth language and culture.
  • Should HAVE to, No. Should, just because, yes of course! Tradition and culture are all any of us really have at the end of the day to define and connect us. It should not however be mandatory as personal beliefs differ and this is not a communist country.
  • I think "wants to adopt me" is more important than "knows some of my language" in terms of evaluation potential parents. Is it great if they do? yeah, sure. But overseas adoption is difficult enough.

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