• In most proffesional atmospheres women can wear pants, skirts, sweaters, blouses, jackets, have their hair many different ways, dress provocatively, wear jewelry, etc and men often can only wear a suit and tie, no jewelry except a watch or ring and cannot have their shirt unbuttoned etc. Is this fair? Shouldn't men be able to wear sweaters or a T-shirt with a jacket or something?
  • good question. i have always wanted to wear next to nothing to work. even a dress would be fun. and panty hose. oh yah. then if i was harrassed i would sue the company and never have to work again. oh yah!
  • Well, its not just in the workplace, there is just a greater variety of clothing options for women than there are for men that is generally accepted by society. I mean, that's just the way it is.
  • It's one of those double standards.
  • Women +1 Men 0 Too bad, so sad--'bout time we had the up on something.
  • I think it's great! ;-)
  • I think it's cool, I mean what else cold any guy want to wear than what we already wear? I like that our clothing is like a uniform for the most part.
  • I do actually. Very fair.
  • do you think its fair that men still get paid more then women do even at the same ranking? clothes should be the least of any man's problems..unless you have a nice business skirt you would like to show off around the office..i'm sure the boss wouldn't mind..don't forget to shave
  • What other options besides slacks, shirt, jeans, suits do men have? Women's clothes are myriad, multiple,'s are limited to begin with. Anyplace I've ever worked if we had a "casual" day, depending upon what that particular business deemed as "casual", the guys came in wearing bluejeans, tennis shoes, a shirt/sweater and basically the gals did the same. If the weather was very hot we were allowed shorts..but the modest kind and so were the guys. :)
  • I think it's unfair that women are socially kind of expected to have a wardrobe that requires thought and color coordination. It's great being a guy, ease-of-wardrobe-wise!
  • I feel sorry for men because of that. I was going out the other night, and I was looking at the boys we were with, and I just thought it must be so boring to have hardly any options clotheswise, just in general. Same with school, all they get is trousers and a shirt and tie. Whereas I could wear the same, or a skirt, or a dress...or yeah.
  • "Fair" doesn't exist unless you make it for yourself.
  • I'm a man, and I'm not complaining. What else do you really want to where as a man. They have various color and style "khakis" and polos and suits. I can't understand what else a man needs? We are simple. Of course women have more they can where. Besides the shirts and pants, they can where dresses and blouses and business suits. That's because they have legs and tits and the clothes kinda work around those features to emphasize them. Men's clothes aren't designed to show off their legs, chests, shoulders or such.
  • No, I think Men should be able to wear dresses and high heels if they want.
  • Women who wear trousers, shirts and ties look so funny. They look like a whimpy guy in disquise. Then they walk around the city wearing the outfit never knowing that they were just harassed by real men for the way they look. Women should seriously stay away from guy's clothing completely and just stick with theye skirts and heel only. Stop being TOMBOYS.
  • If they went in naked, they would probably get a raise. But if a guy did it, they would end up in jail.
  • Well, if you read your employee handbook carefully, you may find the dress code is not actually gender specific. This was the case at a place I used to work. A big burly guy got sent home one day for wearing a T-shirt, so the next day he showed up in a dress, stockings, and pumps, carrying a purse. They couldn't send him home because he was within the dress code.
  • Women can have the advantage in clothings than men. True. But when it comes to job salary of any certain position guys feel sorry for the women. They make peanuts compared to what men makes(double,triple). That's because men are superior, strong, and leaders of the world.
  • not really but i dont make the rules

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