• I learned in business school that you can put negotiable or will discuss. Hope that helps.
  • You can put Negotiable or Open if you don't want to commit. If you have some idea about what you can afford to live on you can put AT LEAST that amount. There is no point in putting down that you will work for $20,000 per year if you know that you can not or have no interest in working for that amount. Don't put down your dream salary unless you are very qualified for the job or they have approached you with an offer of employment. As a manager, I almost never call anyone back when they put down a salary that I don't plan on matching- no matter how qualified they are.
  • I would put a scale with the smallest number being the absolute least amount I would accept.
  • If you cannot enter text but are allowed to enter characters such as a dash, you can give a range like $100-$300 etc.

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