• yep - gender discrimination at work.
  • I can't tell you how many jobs I got declined to do because I didn't have a college degree. Funny thing, they didn't care what the degree was in, just that you had one. That makes no sense, and is a form of discrimination. PS I could graduate any college and any major I would want to -- choose not to. Saved a few hundred thousand dollars that way.
  • Yes, Many times. I've been discriminated against for being male, for being white, for being athiest, for being australian, for being on a work visa in england.
  • umm being white and looking different from other people
  • AGEISM! Age discrimination is the most pervasive and the least discussed. It usually begins around age 40 and lasts until death. Ageism transcends race, creed, color, religion, sex, nationality, family status, handicap, education, social status, or any other prejudice that you can name. I'm not complaining. Just stating a fact.
  • LoL. Axe
  • Ahaha, yes -- for being a girl, for being Russian, for being white (there's plenty of racism to go around in southern U.S.), for being atheist, for being bisexual...
  • Yes- let me count the ways. 1) as a child, because I was born in England, I was lumped in with the British migrant children in the area who were treated abominably. 2)as a woman (my husband and I went for a housing loan early in our marriage. They would not take my wage into account, as I was a woman and I might get pregnant!) 3)as someone with an Italian surname (by marriage), I was treated abominably by a very prejudiced specialist. I could go on and on. That is why I jump to the defence of anyone being discriminated against.
  • I've been discriminated against,but I don't like to look at myself as a "victim".
  • When it comes to gender , it tends to be small stuff. Men assuming I cant carry anything because I'm a wom,an (with a small) frame, even when its lifting a chair because I might "break a nail". Another is when I use to apply for jobs I always seemed to get the cooking/cleaning and simple postions. When it comes to race, all the time.Some of the odder instances were when I would be with white epeople and theyd get discriminated for being with me, or for me being with them. Its getting old. fast. People need to grow up. Not like I really are, it doesnt eggect me as much anymore.If they want to act ignorant, so be it.
  • No. I don't think anyone cares that much to discriminate against me. Is that discrimination in itself?
  • Yes. The good news, I was proud to belong to the group they were discriminating against.
  • Yes, I've personally experienced "discrimination" many, many times for various reasons throughout my life.
  • Absolutely. I'm a black MALE. Unfortunately America is not too fond of us.
  • I married a Korean. We had a lot of grief from whites, blacks, and Koreans.
  • If you haven't been discriminated against then you're not a true American.
  • Verbal and physical abuse for being white. Job refusal for not being the right race. Teeny, weeny bit of sexism but you can deal with that just by being brilliant at stuff, so that was hardly worth a mention. Lastly, people get upset at those who are too er physically privileged sometimes, (but that last is balance out nicely by the positive discrimination it brings).
  • over the years, lots of discrimination against me. on the upside, i've also benefited from discrimination in favor of me (e.g., single men must work hard ...)
  • Not me personally. Actually I experienced a little gay on gay violence. I was evicted by an ex-gay for finding a boyfriend.
  • I have been told that IF I was a black lesbian ; that I'd qualify for a government grant for a business .. BUT; being a white male .. NOTHING ... +5
  • Yes. And it was really too @#$%'n wierd. I'll spare the details, but (at ~30 years old) finally understood what it felt like to be really *hated* when the other people didn't even *know* you the @#$% you were?! And further, *never even met you before*?! I was one of four people of the same race among about four hundred of another (at a wedding!). I mean, I've come to accept that not everyone 'likes' me, like every other adult, I guess. But *before* they even met me?! = Like I say, too @#$%'n wierd! ;-)
  • I haven't been but my wife feels she has been. When we first married the women in the church would have parties and get togethers and as they knew my ex-wife they would shun my current wife. So now when the women at church try to invite my wife to things she declines and keeps to herself.

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