• The humble 'normal' telephone i guess and awaiting the elusive return call if we had to leave a message. These days we get frustrated if we can't reach the person straight away. Mobile phones have certainly made us far more reachable, for good and bad i guess.
  • Probably better than we are coping now! If you were out of the house, you just didn't get your phone call. If the caller really wanted to talk, they'd leave a message. I still don't have a mobile. It's not a big deal. Though I do wish I had it sometimes for little things.
  • Think about it really. people back them didnt think of technology as we do today. Nor did they have of technology that we have . A phone was not a necessity like it is nowadays for people. Between travel, and business people rely on them. But realistically people lived before without cell phones, so we probably would be able to survive the same if technology never advanced. I guess you would just say its a lifestyle change. Lifestyles have changed due to technology, and now we cannot see ourselves without particular technologies. Think about it what did people do before cars.. They walked. Theres always a way. We are just spoiled by technology and rely upon it.
  • We 'coped' just fine without cell phones, ipods, blackberries, mp3's and all the rest. In many ways it was freeing. To this day I don't want to be bothered with a phone call while I'm shopping or enjoying a day out.
  • Very well, thank you. There used to be these things in most public establishments (gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc.) called PAY PHONES. Some of these "pay phones" were even installed on public sidewalks. One would insert a dime into the "pay phone" and dial the number one wanted. If the number was outside the local area, one would have to insert more money but the call would then be completed. Later versions also allowed you to charge phone calls to a credit card. Failing that, you had the option of calling another party and having the charges reversed so that the receiving party payed for the call. This was called "calling collect". With respect to ones private phone, it was considered polite to allow others to use your phone, provided they agreed to dial inexpensive local numbers and keep conversations short. It's amazing that life went on under such primitive conditions...;-D...
  • People seached for a pay phone to call. But they could not be called. Cell phones bring new possibilities, but they have also some drawbacks, e.g. some people would rather not be called at any time. (But they can also put it off.) Here some other drawbacks of cell phones:
  • i fink we managed just fine.the technology today has just made us lazy and relient.but dont get me rong i LOVE my fone!
  • Idont use a cell phone, I cant afford it and I do just fine.. I think we did just fine before they showed up on the scene...
  • I've never owned a mobile phone and I get along fine. I do not want phone calls while I'm trying to operate a vehicle at ridiculous speeds, shopping, or out socially or on business. That's what message machines are for.
  • The same way I do now by choice. People without cell phones means more person to person social interaction.
  • We managed our own lives rather then letting other people manage our lives. People have to be "always on" now. We lived much more comfortable and relaxed lives and I really think the vast majority of people were more productive.
  • Tin cans and a string, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, and the pony express.
  • Quite adequately, thanks.
  • we lived in a very, very peaceful world and when we needed to have an instant conversation about important things we went to a pay phone.
  • Like how people managed without telephones before it's invention....
  • Didn't lie about the place we are at the moment.
  • i dont remember, but my dads first mobile phone was the size of a phone book
  • We shot each other, chopped each other to bits in the chivalrous days, ate each other (maybe? lol), drank, had salty wenches, rockNroll, LSD, weed, coke... lol
  • House phones, answering machines, office phones, more answering machines and pay phones.
  • we drunk dialed from home phones
  • spent alot of time lookinng for tikky box phones that worked
  • beepers, pagers, voice mails, calling up people's houses too late, etc etc
  • We kept more of our attention on the road.
  • I remember the pre-cell phone world. You talked either on the house phone or used a pay phone. Honestly, I don't miss that one bit. I hated the ringing of the house phone because I never knew who it would be. I hated digging around in my pockets for spare change for a pay phone, only to find that the phone was out of order. Sorry to all you Luddites, I'd rather have the cell phone and be able to text my parents and friends if I'm bored or need a ride. The benefits far outweigh the costs.
  • Before the era of mobile phones people usually rely on beepers, pagers, local numbers, fax machines and telegrams.
  • we had landline phones

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