• Hi Chris. I don't know what AB calls it but it could be a dud. Not nice?
  • We could just call it a null. Like, the majority of my answers are null answers. Boosh.
  • Pointless! : )
  • Let's see what do you call something with no point whatsoever .... How about "W"
  • Overlooked?
  • Ignored
  • pointless answers. give your self another account avatar and answer them yourself.
  • I don't think an answer without points is necessarily pointless. I would call it an unpointed answer.
  • For some questions, I would call it "DESERVED". Mostly for questions that are posted simply for the sake of posting tons and tons of similar questions in a blatant effort to top out the leaderboard. I will answer ANY persons questions and assign points for them if they are intelligently worded (or even not at all intelligently worded, depending). Same for answers. But if the same person asks the same question 3 or 4 or more times and all they did was change the age or circumstances I also will NOT award any points for offensive or rude behavior, whether or not I agree with the person's technical content. But sometimes the answers without points...are simply an "oops" on my part and I apologize! I try to catch them all, but sometimes....
  • Pointsless answer Not pointless answer. Many good answers remain pointsless, but that doesn't mean they are pointless.
  • ABsent.
  • It would be pointless, wouldn't it?
  • I think we have the same issue .. for questions just sitting there - and answers just sitting there. I hate the idea of "pointless" as it gives the impression of "no reason" or "useless". lol Unpointed is accurate but sounds sort of awkward. I've begun thinking of them as "ORPHANS". They just need to be "claimed" by someone. We could have: -- Orphan Questions - that scrolled on by - didn't get answers - aren't worthy of flags (ie aren't abusive or nonsense, etc) - perfectly good questions - just not answered - OR - answered, but no answerers gave any points. So? They are ORPHANED. -- Orphan Answers - that are again, perfectly good answers - not worthy of flags - but no points were ever given to them. Could be the one who posted the question didn't care about answers so didn't read or rate answers. Could be the questions "came back up" from a past time and is still a great question and it enjoys a resurgence of interest and answers - but the questioner isnt around any more. So more answers are left just "out there". Thus .. answers can be ORPHANED. There's a system of moderation that gives points (to flag Qs or As in efforts to clear out spam, abuse, nonsense, etc). So those move along. It takes volunteer time (minus that incentive) to find, acknowledge & claim "orphan questions or answers" So maybe we could have one day a month where any AB user can point to an orphan Q or A ... YIKES .. I'm off trying to answer a different question. So, I'll just ask - what do you think of the terminology idea? Orphan or orphaned questions Orphan or orphaned answers to mean those that for whatever reason have not been assigned any points?
  • Just "Unrated Answers", since they aren't up- OR down-rated. As the owner of 38+PAGES (75 each) of unrated answers, I claim the right to name at least some of them mine!

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