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  • Immediately tell your parents! This is in no way acceptable! Be brave.
  • Tell someone who you can trust. This is inacceptable behavior and should be stopped. Dont let intimidate you into doing this. Its so wrong . Call someone now please.
  • Please tell someone. I was a victim of that when I was younger. I developed early and had a rather large chest by the time I was 12. The boys used to intentionally drop pencils in hopes that they would catch a glimpse of cleavage and they used to grab me all the time. I didnt tell anyone and by the time I was in high school I had a horrible reputation and I picked scumbags for boyfriends. It was until I was an adult that I realized that it wasnt right to treat me that way. You do not deserve it. Tell someone you trust PLEASE!
  • If this happening in school, tell your counselor or teacher that you trust. Make sure you tell your parents as well. The school has to take these things seriously. Good luck hon!
  • As everyone else said tell an adult that you trust but also tell them NO tell them to stop! Learn some self-defense techniques. You can learn how to take their hands off of you! Kick them between their legs if you have to! You don't have to put up with this!

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