• No. I assure you.
  • I'm not worried at all because first, worrying doesn't do anything and second, most of the time speculation only worsens the situation. But of course the worries are justified. We live in a world where many things are uncertain. That's really scary. But I think the world has seen worse things, and has survived. Yeah, I'm a positive thinker :)
  • No. But don't worry soon there won't be a market because our government will own everything and we will all be happy working for the state and we don't have to think for ourselves...Pretty neat Comrade.
  • Yup, but not personally. I own minimal stock so my assets are okay at the moment. I'm more worried about what this means to our economy.
  • The NWO is working behind the scenes to cause this to happen.
  • The world is watching.......and worrying.....not just us...
  • No. There are several other people worried - some in high places. I am not one of them. I am concerned about the overall economy, but I've watched things long enough to realize that what goes down, must go up.
  • noooo i am too :/ i have a grand in a stock that was suppose to quadruple with its groundbreaking handheld projector but 3M beat it :/ now it's taking a nosedive and i'm taking it for a ride
  • i'm worried about the people loosing jobs, pensions, insurances and troubled about the people that have being milking the cow irresponsibly and that will walk away with high profits
  • You are not. This is affecting markets world wide. There are some very concerned people all over the world.
  • No, but I wonder what it does, If it drops for certain companies I would shake up

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