• yeah i kinda do sometimes, but your generous with pts. lol! +4
  • Yes. I think it should be raised to 30 to 35 uprates per week. I'm so tired of not being able to give points to so many people here.
  • All the time. Sometimes I have to wait more than a week to give out more. But I understand why we are limited.
  • Yes. The points don't really mean anything by themselves. But the ability to give points goes hand in hand with the opportunity to express thanks for thoughtful Q+A. Once you run out of points for certain users, I find that I personally am never able to rate them in a normal, continuous fashion ever again. Always just kind of shaking that point gun, wondering if there is enough ammo in it to acknowledge and give back to good friends. I don't need infinite points to turn all my buddies into Swamis and Geniuses, but it would have been nice to rate this question :)
  • yes all the time.:)
  • Yes, all the time, it stinks some people have great answers, and deserve the points, and I cant give it to them it frustrates me......

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