• I would assume that to be correct !
  • You are on point there.
  • I would say all physicists are scientists, yet not all scientists are physicists. I think physicists are able to manage high level mathematical equations as a side tool to assist them in their scientific calculations.
  • Yes, because mathematics is "the language of Science". Every physicist most know the language of science in order to perform as a physicist, but a mathematician knows the language, but he may be more involved in other areas, like Engineering or Statistics.
  • All physicists ate the mathematicians, jk. Physicists use maths but mathematicians don't necessarily use physics
  • not all
  • All physicists use mathematics, but that does not necessarily make them Mathematicians. Mathematicians are the people who build the tools for physicists to use. If it were cars, physicists would be the drivers and mathematicians the car designers. Some drivers can also build or improve their cars - these are the physicists on the borders of mathematics. But just as most drivers don't try to modify their cars and are just users, most physicists just use mathematics without adding to it.
  • Physics is to mathematics as sex is to masturbation. I heard that somewhere. Basically, that means that physics is an application of mathematics. That doesn't mean that physicists do the same kind of work as mathematicians, but it's related.
  • Yes. Although I still support a Nobel prize in Mathematics. Mathematicians in practice do find something useful to do with their math. A few of them only teach but this also goes for physicists.

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