• buy a new one besides you'll need hdtv soon anyways?
  • sounds like a convergance problem - can you adjust all the points in the alignment menu??
  • This is caused by a failed convergence output if you contact a local repair shop the cost should be between 150-300 depending how bad you jack with the conv. controls and the focus lens
  • Sounds simular to my 56" I Art Pro. red and blue lines out of aline, is an Convergance problem! It cost me $300.00 to have fixed. But possible you can adjust yourself. Go to convergance select manual hit select on your remote to change colors after selecting color you choose 2,4,6,8,number keys on remote to change the quadrant you want to adjust then after choosing quadrant, you can move the channel/volume on remote to adjust horizonal and vertical lines on the screen, This only works if colored lines are out of line, Its easy and works I just had mine repaired, and service tech showed me how to adjust my convergance "GOOD LUCK"

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