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  • Of course it can. The question you should now ask is, is there potential for more than just sex? How compatible are you outside the bedroom? The only problem I see now, is that once you start, you can't go back. If you take the chance at love and sex, and it doesn't work, you can't go back to the sex. That's the problem with love. Love is a fire, and you never know whether it will warm you heart or burn down your house until it's too late. Best of luck,
  • It can, but do not confuse lust with love. They are two totally separate things. Lust can make us think we are in love and love can make us lust for that person. But as the Rev said, you can't go back once you discover that it isn't really love.
  • Yes. Orgasm releases oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the "love chemical" or "trust chemical" (childbirth and breastfeeding also produce it). This tends to build up feelings of affection and trust for whoever you are with at the time. Whether that is "sensible", whether you are actually compatible, it says nothing. Which is why you should be careful with casual sex: it can lead to love on one side or the other, not necessarily both, and between very unsuitable people. All good ways for someone to get hurt.
  • It didn't work for me. I fell hard for him and he just LOVED having sex with me, but would not commit beyond that. I have since done a lot better. :-)
  • What's a 'purely sexual relationship'? For me - and I;m a guy NB - sex minus tenderness and at least some form of emotional connection is not a good thing. If those are there it's not 'purely sexual'; if they aren't it's scarcely a relationship - more a case of 'if I scratch your back (or elsewhere)you scratch mine.' But then I always was a romantic ...
  • Yes it can. Along your journey for sexual enjoyment you discovered more about this person than you were looking for. In old days women often married a man for reasons other than love but once married fell in love with their mate later down the line. Good luck.
  • Actually I am in the same boat like you!! I wish it could turn into love!! but I guess that if you don't move away from the bedroom is kind of difficult. Good luck!! :)

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