• not really the way I look at it. more like you dont have a spouse.
  • It's immoral, but since when is it illegal to cheat on your spouse? I guess in some countries it is, but they don't have papers there, they got swords instead...:/ And usually those papers come after a decision has been made, no? Or, at least, in most cases, if he or she who wants the divorce is decent enough to yell it out in the kitchen instead of ungraciously coming home with the papers, outta nowhere.
  • That is an interesting viewpoint... I never really thought about it that way. The divorce takes away the spouse designation. Some people that get divorced still have sex with each other so I don't know what the point of the divorce would be in that case.
  • It seems to me that after the divorce they are NOT your spouse anymore, so you can do whatever you like with whomever you like.

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