• I don't know you from Adam. How do you do? There's no call for nastiness like that, and I've felt it from someone here too, and it sucks. +3 in sympathy.
  • I thought that was very funny but Im from Canada so what do I really know about all that.... LMAO
  • You mean there can only be one antichrist. Shouldn't worry 'bout it matey,leave it to Obama. Wish you well.
  • I'm pretty sure there can be more than 1 antichrist. Moot point, perhaps?
  • You're David Hasselhoff?
  • you are not the antichrist, your a nice person.:)
  • I'm certain that George "Weasel" Bush is the anti-Christ. Hmm, since I'm anti-Bush, I guess that would make me Christ. In that case, I need a little more respect, please! :)
  • When I was a young man, a particularly arrogant "born again" Christian said I was going to Hell because I refused to testify before HIM that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. I decided Hell was preferable than being in Heaven with the likes of HIM. Consider yourself're in good company.
  • Well, that 'user's' opinion isn't everyone's m'dear..he/she/whomever has a right to whatever floats his/her boat, rings his/her chimes, and runs stuff up the flagpole to see who salutes. Just because he/she, whomever says it, doesn't make it so! :) ((hugs)) He/she/whomever probably has friends/family who think that he/she/whomever is the cat's pajamas. Different strokes ya size doesn't fit all. Ya pays yer money ya makes yer choice. Free speech..long live the King! :) ((hugs))
  • Well then, until you come to power we're all OK! Thanks for the heads up, love!
  • I just wish the United States could do a better job of separating religion from politics! Just because Republicans disagree with Obama, it is so destructive to bring God into the picture. I happen to fundamentally disagree with McCain and Palin. But that does not mean they are devils or antichrists. Obama put it rather well at the convention. It is not that McCain doesn't care. He just just does not get it. In other words, he may be a good and noble person. He is just the wrong person to lead the United States at this time.
  • You're asking us to take an Answerbag user's word over that of God? I think not.
  • I would not consider this official. It reflects the views of a particular user. Moreover, a user that considers a particular person as the antichrist is not necessarily gifted with such logic capacities that they could not consider more than one person as such, in my opinion.
  • Well, someone's called me the Anti-Christ here, too. I've also been called Hitler reincarnate. So maybe you're the Anti-Christ, and I'm just a girl with Hitler's soul inside her. Yeah? Yeah.
  • The Bible says that there are many antichrists (1 John 2:18), so welcome to the club!
  • That one user is wrong. Unless you're my ex-wife.
  • It never ceases to amaze me the things people will say (or believe) about the candidate they don't want elected. Those people are ridiculous and juvenile! But, considering how many times I've been called a sinner and being told I'm going to hell for simply being myself, I suppose I'll see you there! We'll have to get together for a BBQ!
  • I am of the understanding, from study of the book of Revelations, that there will be many antichrists. Therefore, we can make a list of them if we want. Oh, they have been showing up for almost 2000 years.
  • It's amazing how some people will get all bent out of shape about something they don't even care about. From 0 to nuclear in 2 seconds they're start calling others names they don't even know the meaning of on a topic they just read yesterday in the news paper.
  • It takes one to know one! and I think that guy has gone to Hell so he won't be making any more false accusations like that again.
  • Nothing could be further from the truth, you're an Angel here on Earth.
  • Well, I have no idea what makes them feel that way. Sometimes, it is better to laugh it off. Or, you could put a voodoo hex on them... :)
  • Some people would be done a great service by having their brains washed with bleach and a Brillo pad
  • Just have a look at the bible both chritians and non christians. Open your mind and look. There is evidence and yet it's also just interpretation.

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