• I was sad when a friendship ended between another couple and myself and my husband. It looks like we grew apart and we tried to put the friendship back together but it didn't work.
  • i have been sad because i thought that my friend is interested in me (as i wanted a relationship with him. he called me one night telling me he wants more then frienship and when i told him i feel the same he later confessed it was just drunek talk.
  • I am sad because I love someone and i'm not sure they love me back.
  • I am sad because I think I am going to be dismissed from a job I only started in May. I have been signed off sick for a number of weeks and as I am still in my probationary period I think they are going to sack me. It makes me sad because it feels so unfair - can't help being sick and don't have the energy to fight them.
  • No i cant.
  • My sister has cancer.
  • Becuase I lost my baby and Im so tired of feeling sasd but it wont go away!
  • Everyone around me is having babies and that is something I want more than anything right now. Just seeing a pregnant woman or a newborn baby brings tears to my eyes cause I know it's not going to happen for me for a long time.
  • Because yesterday was like an anniversary thing and it was a bit sad.
  • I get sad when we bomb other countries, and innocent people die. Then some people cheer!
  • So far about 7 people I know of, have died. Just in a month.
  • I'm lost :/ and the more i learn, the worse it gets... why is everyone doing what they do? what will it take for them to stop?..
  • it's just life hopefully it'll pick up soon
  • Lost a lover of mine. No, not died. Just lost him. I've been living in sickness and sadness for about nine months now.
  • When my dog died a few years ago I was very sad then
  • I was sad when my mother left my father, when my father died, when several of my pets died and when my girlfriend left me; and that's within the past year. Before then, I didn't have much to be sad about!
  • Because I am an idiot. I almost stopped coming on AB because I was about to be a Guru. I did not want anyone to congratulate me. Stupid huh? I refuse to appreciate my own self-worth and get embarrassed when other people are nice to me. A question last week already had me hiding in the background, then I saw that the Guru thing was about to happen and I let myself think I was going to leave here and it made me sad. Sixty B asked so nice to do the congrats thing, I did not want to disappoint her by saying no. Basically, I am an idiot. Then I remembered what RosieG said about accepting compliments and here I am. An idiot who really appreciates how nice the people at this site are.

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