• Yep....I hate bush....never met him but I hate him...;)
  • I think you can, but hate is kind of unhealthy for you. It raises blood pressure and the like. I have hated people I don't know, though. Sometimes it's anger you can't avoid.
  • yup... i hate pedophiles to hell!!!
  • Hate is a very strong emotion. I don't think that I even hate someone I do know. There are a few people that I dislike strongly, but I can't even hate my wife-beating father, just really dislike him. There is still a basic concern for his welfare. No, I can not hate someone I do not know. How can you hate without knowledge of the person? Religion, race, nationality, these are not reasons enough to hate. I may hate the things a person does, but to hate the person I would have to know a great deal about them.
  • Edit 9-11-08 I just answered another question asking if I remember where I was on 9-11-01. I have decided Ann Coulter is nothing in comparison to Osama Bin Laden and his group of terrorist that brought down the towers. I can honestly say I do hate them! Ann Coulter comes to mind, but like the others have said hate is a strong word.
  • Nope, I don't hate!! :):)
  • There is a long list of people I know who I don't like at all or I know and I detest from the bottom of my heart but not anyone I don't know. If I don't know the person what is the basis of hating him/her?
  • No, my love as well as my hate must be individually earned and deserved before it will be given ... for this to happen, I must at least begin to know them ...
  • Yes, I hate my new advocate for trying to talk down to me like I'm stupid. Just because I'm a woman and he's a man doesn't make him superior! Besides, after the whole fiasco that got me P.O'd in the first place - I was right and the problem eventually got fixed. I'll never hear an apology though.
  • Bush, Bill Graham and all those TV evangelists, Billy Mays and the Sham WOW guy! :)
  • I cannot hate people, but I can hate their behaviour, their way of thinking and their actions. And this is the case for people I know and people I don't.
  • I honestly don't think I hate anybody. There are a few people I dislike but hating someone isn't an emotion I've experienced.
  • i don't hate this one girl per se...but i strongly dislike her...and i've never met her...but i do have good reason to dislike her as strongly as i do...
  • Listen... i don't know you but... I'm GETTTINNG ANNGRRYYYY!!!! HULK... ANGRYYY!!!
  • Yeah, i had a deep dislike for a girl in my english class last term, i don't know why, i hardly spoke to her she gave gave me the impression that i would hate her. I also have irrational hatred for Cliff Richard and Kylie, also Paris Hilton (but not so much anymore.) I think i'm devoloping a severe dislike for Sarah Jessica Parker too... Wow... I am so full of hate it seems...
  • I've never met these people but I despise them: "Hanoi" Jane Fonda Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Barak Obama Michelle Obama and, less specifically, most politicians.
  • yes - there are a lot of buttholes out there who hurt people intentionally
  • Ever hear of 'prejudice'? ;-)
  • The people I hate most intensely are those I personally know. The others I don't know/haven't met - it's not "hate" it's distrust.
  • I don't hate bush I don't know him

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