• Knowledge and intelligence is a giant turn on to me; it's the first thing I look for in a prospective partner. I don't think I could be in a relationship with someone who didn't appreciate the value of knowledge. When is it a bad thing? I suppose when they're overconfident in it and ruin the relationship by being cocky.
  • Yes, I love when I can learn from people. It's a turn off when it's used in a condescending way.
  • when some one thinks they know every thing and won't shut up, even if there wrong and they still think there right.
  • Knowledge is beautiful and incredibly sexy. EGO about being knowledgable is a huge turn-off. I want a know-a-lot, not a know-it-all :)
  • Yes, I thirst after knowledge, and regret any day during which I dont' learn at least several new things. However, you've to be careful how you use it, as nobody likes a know-it-all. Also, I feel that the desire for knowledge can sometimes make you lose sight of the bigger picture, as you end up focusing on the details / minutiae.
  • yes its a turn on, the million times table or pythagoras theorem whilst having sex is a turn off lol.
  • Yes definitely. It's only a bad thing when someone is a "know-it-all"!
  • It is, it turns sour when your mouth opens more then mine.:D
  • For women that love intelligent conversations it is a big turn on. It is a turn off if he uses his knowledge arrogantly. An intelligent man knows his crowd.
  • Knowledge is a HUGE turn on, and it's NEVER a bad thing with me.
  • It definitely is a turn on. It is a bad thing when people try to use their knowledge as power and make others feel insignificant. Personally, knowledge is about being able to communicate. A truly wise person knows how to communicate with people of many different mental abilities.
  • Oft times: "A little knowledge is worse than none." ;-)
  • Yes it is. However, nothing is a turn off like someone who TELLS you they know everything. I hate being corrected constantly and being made to feel stupid. It's a slippery slope but I do love a smart man, no doubt!
  • when the person never shuts up. or believes they are always right.
  • Yes its a turn on its a bad thing when people are condescending.
  • Quite so. I'd say knowledge would be a bad thing when you're Arnold Schwarzenegger and having your brain scanned in The 6th Day.
  • Yes, intelligence is very appealing. However, arrogance about being intelligent is a huge turn off!
  • Yes , knowledge is never a bad thing.
  • I would not consider knowledge a turn on for me, but it is never a bad thing.
  • Yeah, I love learning. It's a bad thing when it appears to supersede nature, but then again, that wouldn't be true knowledge.
  • Yes, I like the guy I'm dating to have somewhat of a brain :). It gets to be a bad thing when they are ALWAYS trying to show you how much they know and trying to prove you wrong. At that point, it's just annoying and seems like they want to make you feel inferior.
  • It most assuredly IS! I read voraciously and retain a considerable amount of what I read. So far as I'm concerned, knowledge is never a "bad thing." It's only the abuse or misuse of knowledge that is a bad thing. : )
  • Yes..and I don't think knowledge can be a bad thing :)
  • Most definitely!! Of course, not in the sexual sense. I don't recall it ever being a bad thing for me.
  • No. You can have a lot of knowledge and not know how to apply it. You can also use that knowledge to shove other people's faces in the fact that you know more than they do. You can know facts, and spout them off like a tape recorder. None of that is a turn on. A turn on for me is INTELLIGENCE. Not just having knowledge but knowing when and how to use it. That is what I find a turn on.

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