• For the mistakes I made early on in my young life, I always wonder how things would have been different . The decisions I made back then still affect people today. But I have always believed things happen for a reason or it's a lesson to be learned. It's just too bad that others suffer from my bad choices.
  • Never. Most of our problems are a direct result of our inability to BE HERE NOW. At some point in our past, we longed for THIS MOMENT HERE NOW. Unfortunately, we're so obsessed with LONGING that when we finally GET here we long to be somewhere else. NOW we're wondering whether we longed for the wrong longing back when we were longing for something other than what we longed for previously. While longing for a better tomorrow. We wouldn't know a better tomorrow if it farted in our faces. And it usually does. We need to stop all this longing. SIT DOWN. SHUT UP. GAZE AT THE BACK OF YOUR EYELIDS. Appreciate WHERE you ARE and what you have NOW. -end of soapbox-
  • There are times I wish I didn't know now, what I didn't know then........I try to look to the future as a blank page, I am the writer. I decide what the end will be!:):)
  • All the time I guess thats intereting with life would life have been different :)
  • I am a big picture kind of person, so naturally I make decisions with the big picture in mind so I don't have to go back and think what might have been. There isn't usually anything you can do with the answers to the what might have been question anyway. I definitely think about how a decision I make now will effect my future.
  • "What might have been" is usually an entertaining excercise in imagination, nothing more. The past is done, it's set in stone. To have regrets is a natural emotional reaction to our past mistakes, but to wonder how the past could have been different is pointless. As far as what lies ahead? That is far more promising of a thought, but I feel it can still be a mistake to overanalyze the future. It's great to be aware of the possibilities, but not to worry, hope, agonize, or anticipate 100 possible outcomes when only 1 can logically happen. The best you can do is to make decisions that will aim you towards a good future, and be prepared for whatever may come. Everything else is really out of your hands.
  • Not to much because i believe everything happens for a reason.
  • Never look back.
  • A lot more often, recently, than ever before.
  • I actually got to answer that once for myself....I had to choose between 2 boyfriends. The one I let go is the one I was dating longer. Fastfoward to getting a divorce 10 years later and I saw him again. I found out that I was right to let him go in the first place. If I had stayed with the first one I know that my life would have been different, probably for the worse. I do know that Guy # 1 had his good points, but Guy # 2 was better for me (at least at the time.) The whole time I was married to Guy # 2, I always thought about Guy # 1.
  • What might have been - too often. What lies ahead, not much until recently.

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