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  • Fear. Insecurity. Doubt. Maybe they were never serious to begin with.
  • Now it’s just me talking - but (it’s kinda like “putting the cart before the horse”). We men don’t know this - because of the way we get raised in society these days - But for the most part, women are to men (as men are to women of course) a form of CHECKS AND BALANCES... So, with that said, I’ll provide some “unequivocal” supporting data: Nobody has now, ever or will ever have FRIENDS of the opposite sex other than their “significant” other.... Meaning, did our parents ever go hang out with the neighbors (other sex) and go to a movie or even do ANYTHING together? Nothing could be more absurd.... So with that in mind - we guys are under an illusion that our “would be mate” will actually (ideally) be a source of INSPIRATION and ENCOURAGEMENT.... Meaning, although we’re with you in your company - we have it in the back of our minds (unknowingly) that we should have SO MUCH ”INSPIRATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT FULFILLMENT” that it will seem only logical that we now get married. (why it’s like this, I have my opinions but that’s another whole barrel of monkeys).... So in closing - I would like to suggest that we perform an experiment: let’s do some Demographics - let’s stand outside with a clipboard and actually see - who is the target market for: snow skiing, water skiing, going to the movies, the theme parks, going to the mall, walking the sidewalks.... Really anything you can think of - count and look at our (qualitative and quantitative) data - compare and contrast - do some critical thinking - and see who is the “target market“ for “the pursuit of happiness”? If you ask me - it seems our “pursuit of happiness fulfillment“ should be done around the age of thirteen (a little steep for “this” culture) but it’s (around) the right age (I think) at least if girls are going to end up being “checks and balances” and not inspiration and encouragement.... Which they do... Have and forever will.... That’s why when you see a couple together crossing the street, it seems so “approachable” - well that’s because you have a check and balance “thing” going on... If it was “encouragement and inspiration” then everyone would be wearing skulls for hats and walking around with spikes on their clothing, carrying war hammers and saying “kill them all and let god sort them out” and farting for some laughs... That’s why I can't (or we) put an ad on dating sites and just get someone “on the drop of the hat” to JUST go and have some fun and do something. What else could explain - with the amount of girls and people in this world - that we should have so much trouble in finding someone to go out and do something with, just a simple movie, a trip to the theme park, some snow skiing etc.... Like I said - there is no having friends of the opposite sex other than your significant other (no if’s and’s or but’s about it)..... So let me regurgitate, again: men are under the illusion that they should be so tired of “the pursuit of happiness” that all that’s left, is to marry (you know - in the round about way - I’m just saying - you know what I mean jelly bean?).... So actually my question is: then are we suppose to get married so that we can survive this thing called life and get through it together??? Because I’m confused - is life good and I just can’t find my soul mate or is life bad and I wanna just die a martyr’s death?
  • man I tottally agree, they want to keep on exploring... and maybe they aint really ready ..
  • Their wives are calling?
  • They are totally scared of COMMITMENT, not YOU. Just give them the time and space they need. Let them realize that they really do want to be with you. Before you know it they will be crawlin back to you because who WOULDN'T want a relationship with someone like you?
  • I've known some girls that are like that...happens to me...really stupid...arg
  • They want to try and keep their matcho b*llsh*t going as long as they can, Strong men and nothing can hurt them, so they run away at the first stirrings of anything real, to keep up their little charade going about how tuff they are...Just my two cents...
  • They get scared.
  • Okay first of all just becasue you have problems with men that doesn't mean that all men have problems. Secondly have you ever tried to talk to him? Hmmmm... I think that might work.
  • Men are afriad of commitment by nature. Sooner or later maturity will take over though. Im 32 and single. If I had the chance I would certainly take it, if I met the right person.
  • Humans are basically insecure. Next, getting serious means growing up, growing up means growing old, growing old means dying. Men mostly want to be kids their whole lives.
  • Its called a fear of commitment.
  • Because some men think women are yo-yos. Pull them close, push them away... we're just another play thing.
  • I truely believe that a man will start to pull away when he realizes that the girl he's been seeing means alot to him...So he feels the desire to pull away not because he's uninterested, but he realizes that he feels deeply for her yet at the same time wants to long for her company not just cling making it super obvious that he needs her just as much as she needs him. It's not misleading especially when there's always been that straight forward communication with each other's here said communication is key! When he's with her he shows her how he feels and isnt afraid, it isn't until he's alone and can actually reflect on the fact that he knows he truely deeply feels for her. A woman does the same thing maybe not in the same sequence, or not as nice as men do, but we do it too! Let him breathe, let him miss you even though as hard as it is to not call him or text him to see what he is doing eventually he will come back around especially if he makes the effort to contact you everyday just to reassure you that he hasn't stopped thinking about you. He doesnt quite tell her straight forward, but its hidden between the lines!
  • We fear we'll get the girl pregnant.

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