• I buy them used usually. If you get on Amazon, you can find some amazingly cheap books from little sellers. I have two books that I bought for a penny each! They're not even outdated. :)
  • If there is a new book out that I really want, I'll buy it but usually I don't have to buy them because about 3 years ago, my dad bought me this huge tv box full of books from a yardsale and I still haven't read all of them. I literally have over 300 books.
  • Right now, borrow books. I need lots and lots of books for my master's thesis (for the Review of Related Literature, Framework and Methodology). If I had bought all of them, I would have been bankrupt by now. Those books are really expensive, and my salary isn't high!
  • Buy - there's loads of second-hand book shops around here, and I've got piles of them I haven't read! They're mostly 'leisure' reading, but I can pick up text books when I need them, bargain prices - and I'm going to need them... oh boy.
  • I buy them then read them then donate them. I like coming full circle with knowledge.
  • I do both, but right now I think I buy more.
  • I usually buy them. I live in a tiny town and I've read everything in our library. Our used bookstores seem to be overrun with romance novels, and I mostly read nonfiction, so I just spend the money if I really want something.
  • I normally borrow books from the library but if I cannot find a particular book then I will buy a cheap used one
  • If there is a library around I'll borrow, I'l buy used books online and in some cases I download them
  • Everytime I go to the public library all they have that I am at all interested in are either classic movies or reference materials and you usually can't take them from the Library so... I don't go often. I prefer to buy used...
  • i borrow because i like to only read books once and i love reading but i cant stand having so many books sitting around in my room. Borrowing is definately a lot cheaper fact. its for free. but my boyfriend buys them because he likes to read them more than once...and usually a lot later like a month to years
  • I buy most of them used from anywhere I find them. A few I will buy new at great discounts. Very rarely I will pay full price for ones such as Harry Potter. Then most of them I loan out or give away or donate.
  • We buy a certain amount and pass books between a number of friends who have similar tastes so it works well for us
  • I usually buy my books because I completely distroy my books, and loose them all the time. I dont want to worry about sending my books back on time.
  • My bookstore is the library half a block from my house. I occasionally buy books. I'm a voracious reader. Buying all my books would get way too expensive. I'm usually reading 2-3 books at a time. I finish a paperback in 2-3 days. Yeah, I read a LOT.
  • I buy because I love to keep them.
  • The library I am assigned to is very small and I do not like their collection of study materials. I have not read for pleasure in a long time, all of the books I use are for school work. Currently, I have 18 books that I have to read for this semester alone. I do not have the time to buy the latest Dean Koontz release. Although when I did, I would buy them and add them to my collection.
  • I have a goal of having my own little library at home someday so I only buy books, and they must be hard covered books. I'm constantly buying from amazon : )
  • Normally, I buy. Often I borrow, and sometimes I get books for free.
  • Normally, I buy them.
  • I buy a lot of books but I am also a very good supporter of my local Library.
  • I buy more books, though I do take books from the library

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