• i would have to say no, because exagerating is like, well you know, putting too much into it, like saying,"ive been up all night", when youve only been awake about one hour, lying is saying" that washim, not me"when it was you, i hope this has helped you in anyway possible yours truly, willsmith
  • in some circles i suppose it is the same. saying that 4 people tried to murder you, when actually only 1 person did will ruin 4 peoples lives and in that case is the same as lying. However, saying that you were surrounded by a billion flowers in a flower patch, when in actuality you were surrounded by only a million is something different. does that help?
  • No, embellishing on a story is just a personal spin on things from a highly emotional standpoint. When I tell a story, I usually tell the person to allow for about 10 percent to be a gross exaggeration of the facts. There is no intent to deceive or change the facts. I will throw in some hyperbole into my daily conversations to drive home a point, it is not an attempt to lie.
  • rhin line -yes=lying.
  • yes it as altering fact fact is black and white "it either is, or, it is not" to exagerate is to add ( un-truths) to facts example; the amount of something the size of something the actions of some-,one else exagerations are LIES we may not want to admit that, but they are!
  • I agree, if it is not the absolute truth, it is a fabrication of the truth, which is the word for lie!
  • In a big way!
  • I think it depends on the exaggeration, and the intent behind it. If you are exaggerating using hyperbole to make a point "I told my son a million times to take out the trash." Obviously, you did not say it exactly one million times, you're saying you've said it a LOT. Then I don't think it is a lie. If you are exaggerating experience on a resume to make it sound like you have more than you really do, then that is a lie.
  • No i don't think so you might not of caught a 4 foot fish but you did catch one. and in a class i took it even said exxaggerate on your resume don't lie just make it sound better. I think they are two different things.
  • Sort of but who cares as long as it is not hurting anyone!
  • No, it's just making the truth more colorful!
  • I would think so, in certain things. Even the fish - if you say you caught a 20 pound fish and it was only 10, that's a lie. It doesn't hurt anybody but it's not the truth.
  • Exaggerating is a subset of lying. You can lie and not have it be exaggeration, but you can't exaggerate without it being deceptive.
  • no i don`t think so check out fishermen they believe their stories themselves.
  • depends on what you said
  • i think so

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