• Nothing, as long as you're not a libertine.
  • Nothing at all.. America would be a better, safer, more stable, place to live if we had a Libertarian President. It would certainly more in line with how our Founding Fathers wanted America to be, then what's happening to the country recently...
  • I don't see anything wrong with being a Libertarian. In fact, the Libertarian party comes a lot closer to getting my vote than the current Republican party. I think that they represent many more people than vote for them, but their candidates I do not agree with enough to vote for. I think that a hands-on Libertarian party would be better than a hands-off party. I only fear they would abandon too many social programs that I feel need more investment. My view is that more federal spending needs to be directed toward people unemployed and disabled, and I don't know if they have a solid plan for the less fortunate or disadvantaged. Fundamentally, I would say I would lean more toward being a libertarian with a little 'L' than a Libertarian with a big 'L'. If there was one I could vote for I would, and if the Republican party does not get back to its conservative roots I would like nothing more than to see the Libertarian party take the place of the GOP. Honestly, I have more research to do on the current Libertarian party, but if they still want to legalize drugs and keep abortion legal (no I won't debate that here) then I cannot allow them to have my vote. I've seen what drugs and abortion do to people, and I know it is sad.
  • Nothing as long as it's just your preference over what we have now. Libertarians, if I'm not mistaken, would tax the people, and that alone is the deal-breaker for me, even though the taxes would be much, much, much lower. Ah, I probably wouldn't complain. It's like when gas prices recently jumped from $1.50 to $2.00, I can't really complain as it still beats the heck out of $4.50 that I was paying just last summer! Anyway, I think that when people come to understand the true nature of government and how it squares with their own values, then libertarianism will be along that natural progression toward outright anti-statism.
  • Nothing, it's the political party I indentify with most, in fact.
  • Nothing at all!
  • Nothing I actually do agree with them on a lot of points.
  • Nothing at all, as long as we believe in the rule of law I'm right there with you.
  • i think that the hardest part about being a libertarian is that, for libertarians, so much gray area must be discussed. we want all people to be free, but we don't want the psychiatrically disturbed and severely vulnerable to become slaves to pimps, so, we give medicines and treatment that must be paid for somehow. we want people to be free, but, child rapist / murderers? PRISON. we want free trade but then when we see the devastation that it does to our economy, we lick our wounds and try to regroup. we want the people to be able to own guns, say, in case the government ever gets out of hand, but, seriously, now-a-days, a few million guys with 22 rifles are no match for our appache helicopters. libertarian ideals are to be strived for. but, in reality, we always must be willing to compromise those hard ideals to provide a just world.
  • They make a lot of sense. But locally, they act just like Republicans when they're in office.
  • Libertarians tend to live in a black and white world of ideals that don't accept the existence of the shades of gray that dominate the political landscape. While I agree with most of their priciples, I realize their solutions are often unworkable and unachievable.

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