• Yes, and it would be good. Teens are going to have sex anyway. Why not make it easy for them to practice safe sex?
  • No, we should teach our children to abstain vs. entertain.
  • Yes, I think birth control should be available for everyone.
  • Yes, definetly! Condoms and birth conrtol should be easy to get for everyone. Then there could be less abortions and a lower chance of getting and STD!
  • I have mixed feelings on this. Of course I want it to be freely available-But the other side of the issue is whether we are somehow creating the illusion that we (as parents) are condoning or even encouraging sexual relations for youngsters.
  • That depends on whether we choose to be ignorant to the fact that sex is a normal, healthy part of life that teenagers are going to experiment with. They ARE going to have sex. (not all of them, of course) If we don't want them to contract disease or get pregnant I suggest we give them the mental tools and the protection from themselves. Just one woman's opinion :D
  • Yes, it protects kids from sharing STD's and it prevents children from having children.
  • Yes and it would be good. Those that want to abstain are not losing that freedom, but those that choose to engage would be better protected from ruining their young lives with an unwanted pregnancy or by contracting an STD.
  • In the UK, birth control pills, birth control devices and condoms are free to anyone who wants them. Most people choose to buy condoms because going to a family planning clinic every time you want some is embarrassing and inconvenient -- but there's no need to be without. I believe a person's healthcare choices should be their own, and that includes the choices they make about sex. My role as a mother is to inform and educate my child about the facts of sex -- disease, pregnancy, emotional implications, contraception, abortion etc. If my child, armed with the facts, decides to have sex then that's their choice and they'll live with the consequences, good or bad. I would be horrified if somebody forced my child to tell me she was pregnant, refused them contraception, divulged their medical details to their father or myself without their permission or otherwise compromised their right to privacy. I met someone on Answerbag yesterday who was flawed and just didn't believe a 14 year old in the UK has the right to medical confidentiality. A doctor has a duty to tell somebody (like social services) if a child is at risk of harm from abuse, but that doesn't include telling the parents of a girl she's pregnant or informing them about their daughter's treatment without her consent (assuming she's mentally sound). Of course we want what's best for our children, but that does not always include us knowing what's going on in their lives or throwing our two cents in.
  • Kids who want to have sex are going to have it.. period. so I say sure. I worked in a school 2 years ago and there were pregnant 12 and 13 year olds. Last year in the school I worked at.. at least 25% of the HS girls were knocked up. The school CANNOT teach birth control but they have a parenting class they can take.. is that not fucked up somehow. That is telling these kids "sure, get knocked up.. we will let you take a class on how to change diapers and tell you how to get on welfare". Kids are going to have sex whether we like it or not. I would rather my son have access to free condoms than bury him from HIV or have a grandchild when he's 14. On the other hand will they will use them. Adults get them free at the health dept and they don't use them. It amazes me with all the free clinics and all the ways to get free birth control and we have women in their 20's with 6 ot 7 kids. I read some of the questions here on AB and I ask myself "OMG, these people don't even know what causes pregnancy and they are having sex". I think it's high time schools and parents started teaching basic things like "what it takes to get pregnant." that may sound stupid but apparently people don't know.. just read some of the ?s on AB and you will understand my point
  • Kids shouldnt have sex. We should have a government institution that plants tiny cameras on teenagers and follow their every move to make sure they are staying pure until marriage.
  • Yes. It would be logical, safe, and healthier.

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