• You'd have to have a stronger reason than that,here in the UK.
  • That seems a little bit cruel and heartless. If you're that concerned, put her on a month-to-month lease.
  • Given your screen name and avatar, I assume you are jerking peoples chains. I would hope no one would be that cruel, but if you are, well, that is why I am glad God is a just God.
  • Gawd will do that for you.
  • OK, you're for real with this question. So why are you asking us? Do you want us to condone such brutish behavior in order to justify throwing the tenant out to ease your concience. You know the right thing to do or you wouldn't have asked the question. Renew the lease. Leave him/her and the family alone. Suggestion: Get with your lawyer and see if the lease can be rewriiten to include specific clause(s) just for this type of situation. It could become your standard lease agreement.
  • Only if your are a troll.

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