• Well id sacrafice a leg but i think sawing it off would be a little impossible with no medical tools around in a trap!
  • Yeah I would, I could always get a fake leg attatched. Better to atleast be living with one leg, than dying at only 15. :(
  • That depends - is my leg caught in the trap? I don't want to be sawing off any appendages that aren't entrapped. Plus, what's the guarantee that I'll find an escape route after lopping off a limb? I think self-amputation would probably just hasten death rather than permit escape, regardless of the circumstances of my capture. And why do I have my leg caught in a trap, anyway? Who chained up my leg? What sawing implements do I have at my disposal? And who rated this answer "not useful"? That's not fair. It's not even a serious question.
  • I think I would use my oh-so-cool powers to lure the captive to me, make him/her give me the key. then i would proceed to unlock my lock and leave. no limbs de-limbed in my plan!
  • What, like out of Saw? Probably not. I wouldn't be strong enough for a start, I was always absolute sh*te at wood work and I'd probably loose the little blood I have and die anyway before I'm even finished.
  • Did someone just watch "Saw" again?? LOL This requires some really deep thought. I actually don't think I could muster up enough courage and strength needed to do something like that. And what would the chances be that I would live after doing it. Even if I did? So I guess I would die there. What a way to go. Tsk, tsk
  • If I did not think I would pass out from the pain while doing it and then bleed to death, yes. But I think the former would probably happen.
  • Yes, I would. While I, of course, cannot absolutely predict what I would actually do in such a situation, but I have found some pretty deep wells of personal strength and fortitude within me. I think I would be able to do it. But do you really mean "infinite captivity"? I think I would do way before infinity approached. ;)
  • There will always be an option to escape in the future, I would bide my time and escape when I got the chance.
  • Infinite?? I'd attempt to use the saw on the captor first, then probably.... ? If i were not guaranteed the latest technology in interactive replacements.. most likely my neck. I do not wish to be physically dependent.. even less do i wish to be trapped
  • i admit i am quite a SAW boff i no lots about the films not the actors and stuff but i figured out the safest way to solve each saw trap for the chanied ankle trap i would do what eric mathews did in a later film use something in the room to break my ankle til i could slide it out i would not be at risk to blood loss
  • pretty sure sawing your leg off would mean death, unless you got immediate medical help
  • it the trap had made my leg numb enough to saw it then I guess I would... but then life wouldn't be the same anyway

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