• I wish I could...but no. My work is 45 miles away, so it would be kind of a long walk.
  • I already am, it's been 10 months since I sold my car and haven't bought another one. I actually love walking, already am in better shape
  • Yes but my life would change dramatically. Most of my time would be used trying to get somewhere, or get back home. Where I live....nothing is close.
  • Of any sort, or a motorized car? I drive for a living, and drive to work. Besides for going to ball games, I walk to most places. So, I guess the answer is no. We all have to make a living somehow.
  • Yes ... I have not had one since 1992 ... and I'm doing fine without ... I have been using a bicycle, bus, subway, and in rare cases a taxi ...
  • I already do. And I had better find one fast cos my college classes start September 3rd and I live like 40 miles away!! :(
  • No. Back in the day, when I was a single girl, perhaps, but being a mother of two in a family always on the go, it would be virtually impossible.
  • I have never had a vehicle and doing just fine. I guess you can't miss what you never had:)
  • That is our goal. We like to walk and we're within walking distance (about a mile or so) of a market, drugstore, post office, restaurants, a variety of specialty shops. We have a laundry cart we can use to bring home our purchases. There are always buses to take us wherever we want to go. A car at this time in our lives is a necessity..hopefully, that necessity will go away in time and we can start living the next stage of our lives! :)
  • in india,we yet to have the culture of working from vehicle is must.
  • No way. In Southern California you pretty much need a car. Public transportation here kind of sucks.
  • In Dallas it would be really tough. Although we have a fair public transportation system the popultion is so disbursed that you're almost always going to end up with quite a way to go. Walking and bicycling are difficult because of a general lack of sidewalks and the fact that, according to my last electric will, the average daily high for the month ended 8/18/08 was 100 degrees!
  • Due to some disabilities, no, I could not.
  • 5-16-2017 It depends on where you live. In most parts of California you are not a real person if you don't own a car. In most parts of Arizona it's enough to know somebody who owns a car. But when I was stationed at Vandenburg AFB, CA, I lived 65 miles from the base and HITCH HIKED to work every morning.
  • I haven't owned a vehicle in 16 years now. And I used to live in an area where there was no public transportation. At this point in time I'm not able to walk to the public transportation so I basically have to beg for rides. It's not easy, but I'm saving up I'll get there soon. One thing's for sure I've grown appreciation and I'll definitely be thankful when I do get transportation. At one point I hitched 6 miles each way to and from work for a month when I was between vehicles, and I've been limited to working within walking distance as well. So its possible!
  • If you knew the meaning of the word vehicle, you would know that it would be impossible since you yourself are a vehicle.
  • No My work as a General Contractor requires it.

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