• michael jordan, Brett favre, Shaq, Michael jackson, Yao Ming
  • (These are all time leadin' rushers) Randall Cunningham is the #1 rushing quarterback with 4,928 rushing yards and 35 rushing touchdowns Followed by the #2 rushing quarterback Steve Young with 4,239 rushing yards and 43 rushing touchdowns. The other 3, I don't have a clue. But there's your top 2.
  • if you are talking current, it would be Michael Vick (Falcons), Vince Young (Titans), Charlie Frye (Browns), Donovan McNabb (Eagles, Injured), and Bruce Gradkowski (Buccaneers).
  • i think elway is in the top 3
  • As said in other answers, the top 2 are Randall Cunningham and Steve Young. Michael Vick is 3rd with 3870 yards, Fran Tarkenton is 4th with 3674 and Steve McNair 5th with 3570. I think those numbers include 2006/7 season stats, but if they don't then please don't shoot me!
  • 1. Randall Cunningham 2. Steve Young 3. Michael Vick 4. Fran Tarkenton 5. John Elway

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