• I've thought about this alot lately, as I used to do it a LOT. I really enjoyed it and didn't want to give it up either.What's the difference between some pot and the people that drink everyday. The alcohol is worse as a matter of fact. If you don't have a problem with others drinking too much, then maybe you shouldn't have a problem with the pot.
  • If it bothers you I suggest dating someone else, he won't quit until hes ready, no matter what you say!
  • 1) strawberry_shake, you are a very loving person. 2) Get him to reduce the "no of shots" if that is what it's called, per day. use all ur charming, loving nature on him. never force him, never threaten him. ask him to do it for you. tell him it's ok to do it but do less. after sometime, he will stop it FOR YOU...
  • Tell him that it negatively affects every organ in the body.It accumulates in your fat and nerve cells and slows down the response times by sticking to nerve endings,not allowing impulses to pass properly.Considering that the brain is fat,that's where it will accumulate making him a true "pothead".If you give him this lecture,be prepared for him to not listen to it.Another option might be the ultimatum in which you tell him quit smoking or you'll quit him.Then do it.
  • I think it would be best if you moved on and worked on choosing better mates. If you don't work on this now, you are likely to marry one day and end it in divorce. Please choose better mates, dear. It is very important to your future well-being.
  • When talking about something that can make or break a relationship, there is no "rude". Be honest with him. Tell him that you see this as him destroying himself. That it makes you unhappy. You will find out something very quickly. You will find out how much your happiness means to him and whether or not he really cares about your relationship. I have a 24 year old friend who is married and has 2 children with the love of her life. She left him this week over this very issue. She thought he'd let it go after they started having children. He didn't. Life started out very brightly for them and has now become a nightmare. In a period of 6 years, he can no longer keep a job for longer than a few months. They have lost their home. But he's still smoking and I guess it makes him happy.
  • No matter what you say he won't quit unless it was his idea. I know I've been married for 13 yrs. and he can fool you into thinking hes stopped when he actually hasn't. Please find someone new with the same values as you to save yourself years of frustration that I've experienced. I have 2 children and am now going through a divorce.
  • Have you tried it yourself,it's hard to critisize without first hand experience,i dont think you need to brake up over this i know couples were one partner smoke weed and the other does'nt and there happy.But if that does'nt work then you need to ask him about it as soon as possible because the longer your together the harder it will be to brake up,you could ask him to cut down or not be stoned when he's around you,you need to remember that all relationships are based on compromise and that often if you try to change someone you love it can lead to resentment.good luck x x
  • If he really cares about you he'll listen to your point of view and he will take your opinions into consideration. I'm sorry to break it to you, but unfortunately people who do that kind of thing usually only quit when THEY want to. They have to WANT to stop. He might listen to you for a while and try, but eventually he'll fall back into his old pattern. Maybe you could try asking him why he can't find something else that makes him YOU for instance. Don't let him lie to you and tell you he's quitting...make him prove it. It'll be tough, but if you really want to be with him then you HAVE to talk to him and tell him how you feel and if he cares for you he'll listen. If he doesn't then he isn't worth your time and you'll just have to accept that you CAN do better.
  • you can't change someone so easily.. he loves weed.. you don't. find someone who has the same ideals as you do and you'll be much happier, i promise. if you keep persisting him about it, he'll get annoyed and he'll feel inadequate and he'll feel like you're controlling him. if you stop persisting him you'll eventually tolerate weed and complicate your own morals. there are some people who will try so hard to change someone.. and at the end they realize that the possibility looks dim so they decide to fall into the same addiction. i know a couple who smokes weed, the guy loves it, the girl initially despised it.. after a while the girl got tired of trying to change him and so she eventually started smoking weed with him. its sad. don't fall into it. don't compromise yourself. find someone else.
  • You can't convince him, and you shouldn't even try. First of all, you sound like you know very little about marijuana. Plenty of people smoke pot and don't "destroy" themselves. Pot isn't illegal because it's dangerous (look at alcohol, we all know how dangerous THAT is but yet it's legal...) it's illegal because back in the day some douchebag decided that making pot illegal would give him an easy way to get all the Mexican immigrants out of the country, because they were bringing in a lot of pot from Mexico. Not because it's dangerous, or bad for your health. So try and look past the anti-pot propaganda that you've been fed over the years and learn some real FACTS about marijuana before you freak out and decide to stage an "intervention" for your "drug addicted" boyfriend.
  • You cannot convince him to stop smoking weed. Only he can convince himself to stop smoking weed. I would suggest you move on if you don't like it. If you decide to stay with him, accept his smoking weed. Don't stay with him and try convince him to stop, you'd be wasting your time.
  • I would just let him now that you love him. It really hurts you to see him tearing himself up like that. and if he loves you he will do the right thing.
  • im in the same situation as u right now. i have even brought up what if i decided to tell u one day its me or the pot and u know whta he told me looks like ur gonna have to leave. i should have left him when he said that but i didnt. i keep hoping he will change, i even bring it up quite a bit about his habit and all it does is piss him off and make him more distant adn go off and smoke more pot. i use to smoke pot all the time, and its easy to quit, people just dont want to b/c they like the feeling it gives them. i had a boyfriend in the past that tried to get me to stop and i told him i stopped and was doing it behind his back. i should leave since i got my answer with the pot being more important then me. i dont want to spend the rest of my life or have a child with someoen that will always be like this, i want a drug free relationship and it doest look like he will ever change. maybe u should try seeing what his response will be by asking him its me or the pot, then maybe u will have ur answer on what u should do.
  • smoking weed is not bad i can see if he was an alcoholic. weed does relax you. it's not like he's smoking dope
  • I'm going through the same situation. But he still loves me. He said the only things he does are play drums, love me, and smoke weed. i really wish he would make better decisions about what he wants to do and how smoking weed all day can effect his drumming career but i've learned i cant change that. the way im getting through this is im telling him that i love him too much for him to risk anything, im telling him that i'll always be there for him if he needs help with anything that doesnt involve lighting something, im telling him that he can do what he wants but im not ready to leave him. i dont know if im doing the right thing but i love him too much to give up those friday and saturday nights... goodluck
  • if it ant hurting his job or anything important than it dont matter.weed ant a big thang alcohol is the one that fucks you up
  • to be honest hun im having the same problems. my man loves to smoke it, and he says he has no reason to quit. I am five months preganant, my reason to quit was my daughter, and now that i have stopped, im glad, it ruins your life, your savings account is diminished, my whole life feels like its going down the drain becuase of his smoking. He says he cant concentrate if he doesnt smoke, and when he doesnt do it every day, he loses his appetite, or his stomach hurts, or he cant sleep. he says he can stop whenever he wants to, but i know thats a lie. He wonts stop for me, his girlfriend, mother of his child, he wont stop for his health, to be honest, i dont want to act like his mom either, but if he doesnt respect u not wanting him do it. And he knows how u feel about it, well maybe its time u move on. I hate saying that, but since i cant work, things have been hell cuase of him smoking. he wont change girl, trust me, as much as u love him, he loves mary jane more. believe me i have not once given up on my man, but now im seeing, that he doesnt care about stopping ever. so its either mary jane, or us being a family. hope this helped!
  • I know exactly how you feel. I've been with my boyfriend for over 3 years. I knew he smoked weed before we started dating and I told him the only way I'd go out with him was if he stopped smoking weed. Well, he did for 9 months until he was with his friends one day and decided to start doing it again. It's been such a hard thing in our relationship and we've broke up more than once over it. Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time I've fallen in love with him and I want to be with him more than anything. Minus the fact that he does drugs he's an amazing person. I hate the fact that he's hurting himself and no matter what I say he doesn't do anything about it. I try not to worry about it, but we still fight about it. I'm not asking him to stop completely, I just want him to cut back. I don't know. I want to have a great future with him but I doubt I will if he keeps this up. :(
  • You don't convince him. You let him know you are concerned, you don't want to live like this, and things need to change. If he doesn't care (which most pot heads don't) he wont take you seriously, at which time you proceed to find a guy who cares about you. Someone who has similar intrest, someone who is emotionally mature and can handle a woman telling him what she needs. Most people who use drugs or alcohol don't realize that the moment they start using drugs a certain part of their brain stops developing, not allowing them to deal with certain things properly.
  • well its a personal choice so only he can decide if he wants to quit for you and maybe it is time to learn what weed is all about i mean like maybe if you try it a couple times then try and see it from his point you might back off and maybe not...but don't let him put weed before you
  • Hi there Hon'! I was going through some of the answers on this site. I am having the same problem with my boyfriend. what did you wind up doing finally and how are you now?
  • just anonymously turn him in for it

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