• That's a pretty big generalization. Have you not heard the term LGBT? - Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals/Transgenders - They usually stick together against the hatred of close-minded straights.
  • i have gay freinds and i don't think that they do and if they do my gay freinds hide it very well
  • um...they don't...
  • I'm ftm but really i identify as a straight male ... I personally wish we weren't associated w/ GLB b/c those are sexual orientations, while being transgendered/transsexual is not, and because since I identify as a male and am attracted to females..that would make me straight, so why should i be associated with GLB unless it was a queer-straight alliance or something? I think that only stigmatizes you more than you already are.. I don't hate gays and lesbians, IDK what they think about trans people though, as I actually have very few GLB friends...for whatever reason I seem to get along better with straight people of either sex, I don't hate GLB people, I'm just kinda indifferent about them.
  • Maybe they think they will be tricked into sleeping with the sex they don't choose to be with.
  • I think the question is very generalized. However, it still deserves an answer. I think in any culture there will be people who don't like that section of the population. You asked why gay and lesbians don't like transgendered people. You didn't ask why people don't like transgendered people, but that's more what your question should be, because it doesn't take being gay to no like trans people. I think there are even trans folks who don't like other trans folks for various reasons. Some don't like them because one is too pretty or too passable (passable meaning the ability to blend into society as that seen gender and not outed). Others don't like trans people who don't want surgery, or those who do want the gender reassignment surgery dont like others who do not share that same goal. So why do some people in the gay community not like trans people who are also in the same commnunity? It's a case by case situation. GAY MEN Maybe gay men don't like trans women because trans women were born with male organs, but because they have female brains, they want those parts gone. And if you're a gay man, you love the penis. In fact gay men love the penis so much they want to have two of them in their household. So they cannot imagine a person who wants to get rid of that organ. And maybe gay men don't like trans men because they lack a working penis. It's harsh to say, but I know female to males who dated gay men, and once the gay man found out that this trans man didnt have a working johnson, he split faster than the road runner. I think lesbians are more accepting of transgendered people. (In general mind you). But maybe some lesbians knew the gay female, who later realized that she was not just a gay female, but really a trans man so she transitioned to a male. Everything but the lower surgery. Now that old lesbian friend or partner feels betrayed or like this new trannie left the lesbian community. So that's a case by case illustration of why some gay people don't like trans people. But remember everyone gets discriminated against even in their own community. Bisexuals are hated by some gay people because they feel like these bisexuals need to pick a lane. Just because you live under the big bright rainbow of GLBT (And then even add to Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender + Intersexed + Two Spirited + Gender Queeer + Questioning + on and on), doesnt mean that everyone loves everyone. And another tidbit: The further along the line of letters you are L-G-B-T sometimes means the more discriminated against you are in culture.
  • I personally as a M to F trans can say that from my experience it is the straight males who don't like the trans people. I have gay and lesbian friends and they don't seem to care either way. It is my opinion that if people don't like me for who I choose to be then they can just go away. It is the ignorant and uneducated people who are usually the ones with the stupid opinions and rude comments. I also think that those rude people might be hiding something themselves and that they are envious to the fact that me and others alike are courageous enough to face the world the way we do.
  • Why do some people make sweeping generalizations about people they've never met? I've never heard any gay men or lesbians express dislike for transgendered folks. I don't doubt that there are *some* who do. But the vague generalization is unfair.
  • not all dislike us but some do because they dont understand. people get afride of what is differant and what they dont understand. Just because someone is gay or lesbian dose not mean they cant hate. How ever the Question should be{ Why do (some) GLB dislike transgendered people?
  • No one likes TGS. Lesbians and Black males are the most accepting of the bunch. Gays, Lesbians and straights all like their gender. TGs are both genders. No one else can understand how TGs think or why they are the way that they are. It makes all the others uncomfortable around them and challenges their repective sexualities. It drives straight guys crazy that they are attracted to MTF TGS. They are simulataneously repulsed and attracted. Guys are easy! LOL Similarly it drives women nuts that the guys are so attracted. On the whole TGS are more feminine than most women, which makes women insecure. Most TGS will do and enjoy things sexually that most women will not only not do, but find repulsive. TGs are different.
  • It is partially true that TG/TS folk have difficulty with the GLB community. Part of it is for the same reasons they run into conflict with straight people, ignorance of the physiology of gender and sexual preference. There are transwomen/men who like men, women, both, even none of the above (asexuality, where I fall under). The GLB community don't understand this as a whole and many assume that some are just gays and lesbians trying to reconcile their attraction to the same sex by becoming the opposite sex to fall in line with social convention. This is of course a fallacious line of thought because TG/TS are not driven by their sexual preference, but by gender dysphoria. But this is the main misunderstanding and GLB people take it as a rejection or delegitimization of their own choice of lifestyle and/or sexual preference. An example is a the WOMYN conventions. It's packed full of women's and lesbian's rights advocates, but transwomen have been kicked out and publicly denounced when revealed to be attendance. And Transmen, forget it. I can't think of a more oppressed group then transgenders, and it really is hypocritical for people who have been oppressed in the past based on social constructions to do the same to others. This isn't true of all GLB communities of course, but I have seen for myself the ugly side of it which provides the empirical evidence for the statements above. Furthermore, there is a lacking unity in the TG/TS community as many don't seek an alternative lifestyle, they simply want to be a regular man or woman. This leaves many that choose to go it alone without a support or advocacy structure. The result is widespread ignorance on the issues of gender dysphoria and transgenders/transsexuals. They lack a large body to educate people on the facts and to lobby on their behalf. So not only is there misunderstanding culturally, but gender identity/preference is left out of civil rights bills many times. An example of this is in Massachusetts, where the largest gay rights organization, the Human Rights Commission, discounted gender from a bill it was lobbying to get through the state congress in order to get the rest of it passed. They did this despite receiving many generous donations from Transgender rights organizations. It was revealed publicly later that their constituents (many of which are gay and lesbian) felt on the whole that transgenders and transsexuals were making a choice in their lifestyle and their condition was not the same as gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. So when confronted with conservative members of the state house they caved on including gender in the list of items which one could not discriminate on. An example of what I talked about above. Transgenders have since created stronger lobbying organizations as they learned they could not depend on GLB ones to front their cause effectively.
  • As stated by others here, the thing is that most people dislike transgendered people. Because it's so difficult to understand if you are not transgendered, many people feel uneasy around TG's. Of course your question is a big generalization. There will be many gays/lesbians/bi's who don't dislike TG's, and recognise the same fight for being accepted by society as they have. But there are some things. First of all, the words gay/lesbian/bisexual refers to your sexuality. Transgenderism refers to genderidentity. That's a huge difference. Many people see GLB in the same category as TG's. Which is not the case. Though sometimes TG's are also in the GLB community. Confusing? Yep :) If you are a transsexual woman, and you are attracted to other women, that makes you a lesbian. So, then you are in the same 'community'. Still I think that many lesbians won't really accept you for the same reasons many straight people won't. I'm in the middle, I'm female-born androgynous. If I would be only attracted to men, what would that make me? Straight? Nope. Gay? No. :) (luckily I like all genders so that makes me pan-sexual and for that it doesn't matter what genderidentity I have.. lol) Anyway, what I have seen in the GLB community is that some people really dislike TG's. Because society sees us as one group of people, GLB's are often associated with TG's. I know this one guy, he is gay, and he really dislikes TG's because he wants to be 'as normal as straight people are' and he doesn't want to be associated with transgenderism. He thinks TG's give gays a bad name, and make people think 'they are all freaks of nature'. His words, not mine!!!! So that may be the answer to your question, why SOME gays/lesbians/bisexuals dislike transgendered people.
  • Possibly for the same reason straight people would. False advertising.

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