• I live in North Carolina, though I am not exactly sure, Bozo. I would say try Walmart or Food lion, for they usually have a great selection, though any garden variety grocery store might have that, such as Kroger.
  • Only certain parts of North Carolina have the best ice cream in the country. You can find it in the Charlotte (Hickory) area of North Carolina for sure. Walmart has it. You can also visit the Blue Bell website and they list a map that has the areas of north carolina that has Blue Bell. Sorry to say.... I do not live in any of these areas.. I have friends that use to live in Hickory. We are both from TEXAS!!!! SO I know all about my BLUE BELL! .. .Going home soon.. So I will get mine! Ruby Tuesday's has homemade vanilla(my favorite) if you need a fix, in the mean time! Hope this helps!

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