• Try to change rooms, ear plugs, prank phone calls to their room, or have a vigorous good time with yourself and maybe it'll make you sleepy.
  • Knock on the wall and say "Excuse me..Could you please be a little less vigorous because I need to sleep. Thank you!".
  • Move your bed as far away from that wall as possible and make a tent out of the bed covers and make believe you are at The Grand Canyon. That should help you get a good night's sleep.:)
  • Ask to have your room moved. If that doesn't work, move your bed away from the wall and turn up the TV.
  • you could go next door and tell them you have to go work at 5 am and you just cannot sleep and need some help and ask them for a floor show.. WELL!! worth a thought.. (sorry)
  • if it's just some yahoo's in a hotel, I'd call front desk and tell them "Hi, the folks next door (room xxx) are making an incredible amount of noise... it sounds like someone is getting beat up..." and chuckle as I hung up the phone. If that doesn't work, call again and say "either make them shut up, move them, or give me a refund..." I promise that will work... Unless you're in a motel that rents by the hour...
  • Maybe you can call their room and ask if you can join them...that might throw them off and kill their good time! I guess I would do as most have suggested an ask to change rooms. :)
  • You could ask for another room. Try turning on the T.V. to something boring, that shouldn't be too difficult yo...
  • Go knock on the door, and ask if you can join, thats what I would do!
  • move your bed away from the wall and use ear plugs lol.:-)+
  • I always use ear plugs, in a situation like that. Just put in the ear plugs, turn on the tape recorder and go to sleep. That way you can listen to it later, when you have more time! Haa!:)
  • this is one of those times when a doorbell ditch might be excused.*knock knock* who is it... room service! jk... just deal with it are you that jealous or do you need some sleep... try headphones

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