• Use cigarette paper with a wick soaked in wax running through it.
  • If you can get your hands on some oxidised magneseum that burns really well and fast, otherwise you can just buy some lighterfluid and soak a pice of string wrapped in masking tape
  • A rubber band works well.
  • Want to know a cheap easy way of making a controllerble duration fuse this is how: 1)Get parafin matches (mind good quality plz) 2)Get some twine or strings 3)Get a small small small half cup of water (dont really need much water but depending on how long you would want your fuse to be. Instructions: This is quite safe when in making process as it uses water as a base mixture. 1)Cleanly crush the heads of the parafin matchsticks make sure no pieces of wood fragment is in it and collect as much as u can maybe 3 boxes of it would do well. 2)Pound the parafin head fragments into VERY FINE powder form and do a double check to get rid of any wood fragments still in it. 3)Mix 4 parts fine ground powder and 1 part water and rub it into the twine or string RMB not to let the mixture become too watery in an area or too thick in another make sure the mixture is equally distributed.(You can measure how much to part depending on how fast or slow u want ur fuse to go but bare in mind the thickness of your twine or string). 4)Lastly let the twine dry in a cool and dry place with NO NAKED FLAME AROUND.There you go a nice fine piece of fuse. Enjoy your fuse!!<<Odinic>>

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