• 1980 phils world series win
  • When I went to Brickyard 400 Qualifying and stood about 3 feet away from my favorite driver, Kasey Kahne. =)
  • 1998 Soccer world cup. France won its first cup since 1936. Way overdue cause they came so close many times.
  • At the last Ducks game I went to they were playing the Kings. If the Ducks won or tied this game, then they would be going to the playoffs. So, the game is tied and all of a sudden One of the Kings best scorers gets a break away during the last minute of the third period. For the 10 seconds it took that guy to get down the ice I don't think one breath left anyones mouth in that entire arena. Jonas Hiller, the Ducks backup goalie made an amazing sprawling save and the Ducks went to the playoffs. When he made that save I think I cheered louder then I ever have at a Ducks game. It was absolutely amazing.
  • The Bluegrass Miracle. The National Championships were awesome, don't get me wrong, but the dousing of the coach with Gatoraid prematurely just makes it.
  • Celtic's run to the UEFA Cup final in 2003. They had a really good team and beat some stiff competition, and it was really exciting to watch them in every match.
  • 2004 Olympics when Denmark met South Korea in women's handball. After the usual 2x30 minutes it was a tie. 10 minutes overtime, still a tie. ANOTHER 10 minutes and still a tie (the last few minutes of those are shown in the vid). Then it came to 7m penalty shots, which Denmark won :D If you don't want to watch all of the video, at least watch the last part of it, their technique is brilliant!
  • Tho' I watched them finally get the monkey off their backs (about not winning the BIG ONE), with their 1st Super Bowl victory (over Miami) in SB VI, I'd have to say that I really enjoyed the Cowboys 1st victory over Buffalo (SB XXVII), because they pretty much dominated that game from the start, and my father-in-law and I acted like happy little kids (because OUR CowPokes were back)! A VERY close 2nd ... Texas Longhorns 41 USC 38 in the 2005 NCAA Division I Championship Game (I wasn't sure if my 'Horns would ever win another championship)!
  • Being Italian: my exciting moment as a sports fan was when Team won the 2006 World Cup. I was in my late teens. When the game ended, me and my family were going crazy. That was a memorable moment in Italian history.
  • Portuguese bullfights!
  • My team made the play-off final for promotion. Up early to drive 25 miles to get on a coach for 120 mile journey. Went with the people I sat with for home games. Had a couple of pints before kick-off, we scored first & won 5-2. More of our "supporters" there than would fit in our home ground! The emotions at full time were incredible & I was sharing them with the people I always watched games with, my football family, people I shared the highs & lows of being a football supporter with. I remember that day the way people remember their weddings or the birth of a child.

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