• Lemon juice and salt is a good cleaner if thats what you mean... if you mean you like 2 eat it then i think u have problems :) i use lemon and salt to clean doorknobs and stuff like that :D Have a Great Day!
  • hahaha, they're called margarita's! and yes, i like them with you :]
  • i have never tried one actualy,but knowing me i probably will like it... i like just about everything.
  • Hey there! I'm from Toronto Ontario Canada, and i love mixing it together allllll the time. First i get a small cup or bowl and keep adding salt and tasting it till its just right. I figure i like the taste from when i used to eat spinach and I put it on =)
  • I love it, but I use i9t for cleaning. Scrubbing cutting boards and copper or brass. It takes tarnish right off. It refreshes well
  • There must be some Tequila at the end of this somewhere.
  • Ive been eating lemons with salt and drinking lemon juice with salt since i was a kid. It all started when i started eating lemons from my gramas lemon tree. I drink about 1/2 cup lemon juice with 1 tsp salt, twice a day.
  • I don't but my husband does. He never adds sugar to his lemon juice only salt and pepper.
  • i love it! i thought i myself was weird but i guess not:) i just looked it up and found this question...i actually just drank some-like two cup(with lotsa salt) and i threw it all up, i do it all the time with real lemons but this time i sed the artificial stuff in a bottle and it made me sooo sick...but yes very good question
  • No one. You must start disliking it now!
  • I enjoy lemon and salt quite a bit. I have always been a good fan. I enjoy it speacially now that I am pregnant. I did quite a bit of reading up on them. Apparently this could be a symptom of iron difficiency. If anyone has an answer, oh do let me know.
  • Every cocktail drinker.
  • I drink at least 1 cup of lemon juice with about 2 tsp of salt and in the afternoon I'll have 1/2 a cup. Crazy HUH!

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