• Yes it is fine to a point. You are forbidden to marry a non-muslim. However, many a muslim man or woman met and their chosen converted. And in fact, as a muslim man may have a Christian or Jewish wife, I do not believe it absolutely forbidden that a muslim woman cannot do the same. I am not muslim myself, but take great interest in it and have respect for it. I think what I say correct, but not an authority.
  • this is my msn
  • Is this appropriate during Ramadan?
  • Yes,I am a muslim boy green eyes and acute join me in this:
  • On a Non-Muslim site you will probably find Non-Muslim men. A Muslim man can marry a Chrisian or Jew, however a Muslim woman cannot, so it would be kind of inappropriate.
  • You could find a Muslim guy on there :] I dont see why there would not be any of your religion just because Muslim in the title. I met my love online as well, but not on a dating site :] Good luck!
  • I think love is love, no matter what your religion is. Im an athiest, my wife is a buddhist. To me it makes little difference. So, unless you're really against being with a man from a different religion or no religion, then Id give it a go with the non-muslim site. Maybe do both, I dont know. Just dont knock a man based on religion. See past that.
  • i dont know anything about muslim culture but i dont see anything wrong with it at all and i dont know anyone who would go for it
  • Dear Sister, alsalamo alikom marriage s not only a soulmate that we can spend life time together but he/she can be the cause of enter heaven in life after i think if u r really interested to get married u should 1st define ur needs if u want to marry a religious man and at the same time responsible and honest i think you can find many and this is why i think you first should look around you and then if you dont find u can go to online but dont put urself in a situation that can hurt ur heart afterwards if u fall in love with non muslim as its not allowed and if u want to evidence i have a web link that u can check it but its in Arabic if u cant read arabic i can translate it and send it back to but plz plz plz my sister not to search in non muslim site or search for non muslim man this a small advise hope to be helpful for u sorry for the long message ur brother bye
  • Please don't go on non Muslim sites.Your purpose to find well groom can be fulfilled from the above mentioned Muslim site.Stay in touch with it and it'll pay you soon!
  • Well.... just remember that online is rarely the real person and their personalities can be very different in person. As you are still not versed in relationships it's best to lurk with an experienced friend before any meetup. As for marriage. Yes a Muslim can marry a Christian or Jewish man or woman, but not a pagan or atheist. It is prefered they revert to Islam as then you are both under the same state and religious laws. But the main thing is he treats you right and doesn't stop you from your faith.
  • You don't know your own religion's rules or your parents rules? I think there is some leg pulling going on with this question.
  • thats up to you if you want to join or not

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