• I wouldn't go anywhere without both my husband and my daughter, so I guess I'm not going anywhere.
  • I'd take my fiance, my bag is an excessively large suitcase full of clothes, money, playdough, blankets you know just stuff, we move to minnesota where I open and bake at a nice small town cafe :)
  • my special someone, a bag full of clean clothes, move to a little town on the coast of california, north of san francisco. work in a library mornings, nine to noon.
  • The person I would take with me would be my friend Kristen, my bag would have Japanees lessons in it, I would go to Japan, and I would be a film maker. =) Not that I don't like America or anything, it's just that I've always wanted to go to Japan.
  • my husband and kids, a bag full of our pictures, anywhere on the coast and be a nurse.
  • My husband, a few survival clothes/the largest amount of cash I can take to buy new ones, Bali (Indonesia), singer in a hotel.
  • My husband; the bag is one of those giant ones like you see in the commercials, it fits inside a full length moving van and has all our belongings; we are going to La Jolla, California and my new job is to get paid $10 for every answer on Answerbag.
  • I would take a hot kunoichi with me to Africa (for protection) where I would live on a reserve and help train Cheetahs to climb trees so one day I could reintroduce them into other continents (the North American Tree Cheetah has a nice ring to it) There, my job would be an author, because I can't imagine anyone wanting to pay me to be a Cheetah tree climbing trainer My bag would contain a solar powered lap top & sat phone, machete, .45 ACP 1911 & ammo, sunscreen, and some extra socks and undies

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